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The UK is positively seething with great sludge bands at the moment, but with such a wide selection of downtrodden doom merchants doing the rounds, make sure you don’t overlook Nomad in your never ending quest to find the world’s grottiest riff. Hailing from the grim streets of Manchester, the quartet’s dank, filthy grooves and resin drenched riffs are irresistible, nailing that bouncy, mid-tempo sludge sound that’ll have fans of bands like Bongzilla and Sourvein grinning with approval as they reach for the whiskey, whilst vocalist Rev. Drian Nash’s distinctively harsh, throaty gurgle helps to lend the band a character all of their own.

Despite only being together since 2011, Nomad have already racked up shows with the likes of Bongripper, Conan, Church Of Misery Slabdragger and Ghold, to name but a few. With the band riding high on the release of their deliciously murky debut EP, ‘The House Is Dead’, we decided to catch up with Drian to find out more…

FOR FANS OF: Bongzilla, Iron Monkey, Gurt
LATEST RELEASE: ‘The House Is Dead’ (When Planets Collide, 2014)
WEBSITE: Facebook, Bandcamp

Could you tell us briefly how Nomad came into existence?
Drian: “Well our guitarist Lewis put some feelers out to see if anyone wanted to start a band and it was a case of trial and error, we had a few line up changes and mini dramas. But we have a stable line up now, me (Vocals), Lewis (Guitars), John (Bass) and Hayley (Drums). It’ll only ever be the four of us, I can’t imagine doing this band without one of them.”

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?
Drian: “We knew we wanted to do things on the more doom/sludge side of the spectrum but it grew and evolved into what we do now, and it still is growing and evolving to be honest. We are always trying new things and writing songs that don’t sound anything like the others. I would hate to have an album full of songs that sound the same, I think a lot of new bands are far too restricted into their genre. Our drummer Hayley has started to incorporate the cow bell of doom recently so that should be interesting.”

What kind of stuff are you and the rest of the band into? Who would you cite as influences?
Drian: “We are all into different things and on a wide spectrum from hip hop to soul and everything in between. When it comes to influences, the band the we love and agree on the most is probably Yob. But, Sabbath, Kyuss, Motörhead, Melvins and Goatsnake are all big influences to us. Personally for the vocals I like to throw in more subversive parts so its not all just screaming, Tom Waits is a big influence with stuff like that.”

Your new EP ’The House Is Dead’ sounds great! Could you tell us a little about the recording process for this one?
Drian: “Well the recording for it was a bit hectic and insane, I got it into my head that I didn’t want to go into a studio and we could record it all in 2 days. I managed to convince my friend Sim Ogden, who is also a very talented sound engineer, to record it all in one of my mates’ basements where he has a full live set up. He did an amazing job and made it sound huge. We tracked it all and had wires running all over the house, its kinda all one big blur now but we are really pleased with how it sounds.”

How does your writing process normally work out? Will you meet up with song ideas pretty much fully formed beforehand, or do you tend to jam stuff out a bit more?
Drian: “We one hundred percent just jam stuff out and let it flow naturally, I cant imagine what it would be like for us to try and sit down and write the songs. I’ve worked with other bands that have tried to do that and in my opinion it sucks all the life out of the process. Lewis and John normally come up with a riff and then Hayley will join in and I get an idea for the vocal lines and scream random words till I get a feel for it and eventually write lyrics that I forget so very often. The groove and feel for it is probably the most important thing for us when it comes to writing.”

You’ve already played shows with some pretty big names. How would you describe the Nomad live show for those who have yet to experience it?
Drian: “It’s important for us to put in everything we have into every gig because what’s the point otherwise? We throw ourselves around and have a good time. We often end up in the crowd. I do not understand how bands can just stand there and play there instruments without any energy, its like they’re not emotionally involved in what they are doing.”


What are your ambitions for Nomad?
Drian: “Anything we can possibly do, I mean in this area the scene is insane right now, there are so many good bands, so we have a lot of opportunities. There are so many festivals we would love to play both in the UK and abroad. We’ll keep pushing to do more and more. We are hoping to do a full length very soon and are shopping around for labels.”

What’s been your best moment as a band? And on the flipside, what’s been the worst thing to happen to you in music
Drian: “We’ve had so many great moments as a band so its hard to pick one. Both times we have played the Star and Garter, which is our favourite venue in Manchester, it has been sold out and we have been supporting two of our favourite bands, so that’s probably one of biggest highlights. Also, having Gareth Kelly from When Planets Collide putting the E.P. out was awesome.

“As for the worst thankfully there isn’t much to report, probably when we had to ask an early member to leave the band. But unfortunately it was something out of our control that we had to do, and it has made us much stronger now as a band.”

What’s next for you guys?
Drian: “We got some exciting things lined up, we are embarking on a UK tour with our good friends in Bong Cauldron in September which we can’t wait for. We are also playing Riff Fest at the Alma in Bolton, a free 2 stage festival and so many of our mates’ bands are playing, we are expecting carnage and a lot of the sets to be tainted somewhat by alcohol. We started taking bets on who’s going to be the most wrecked by the end of the day. Also we are currently in talks about doing a small European tour next year. So good times ahead!”

‘The House Is Dead’ is out now on When Planets Collide, and is available here.

You can find Nomad on Facebook.

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