Kat’s band of the day: The Hookers (USA)

By on 11 November 2011

NAME: The Hookers
THEY ARE: Heavy metal thunder
FROM: Kentucky, USA
FOR FANS OF: Antiseen, The Dwarves, Electric Frankenstein
LATEST RELEASE: Horror Rises From The Tombs
CHECK OUT: Crypt Of The Living Dead, Satan’s Highway, You Told A Lie
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Facebook, Reverbnation

The Hookers have put out a few albums and numerous splits with the likes of Electric Frankenstein, ANTiSEEN, Speedwolf since they formed in the late 1990’s and have a new full length album soon to be unleashed upon the world. Entitled ‘Horror Rises From The Tombs’, it’s full of catchy hooks, plenty of rockin’ riffs and captures all the best elements of The Hookers in one foul swoop, they are sounding as mean – if not meaner – than ever. We found out more from Adam “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw” Neal.

Give us a quick history of the band.

“Stoney Tombs and I formed the band loosely in 1994 after I quit Nine Pound Hammer, doing a more Johnny Thunders style of punk. We came into the sound we are known for in 1995. After that we released our first couple of singles, then the album ‘Satan’s Highway’. That album changed everything for us and allowed us to tour and put out a lot more stuff from big labels like Sub Pop and Man’s Ruin to tiny ones like Sack o Shit and Devil Doll. We played tons of U.S. Shows and even did a small euro tour before we split up in 2000.”

Tell us about the albums you put out in the past.

“Actually most of them are out of print at the moment. ‘Satan’s Highway’, our first album, seems to be the fan favourite – it’s fast and mean, drenched in early Venom/Motorhead meets Dead Boys-style punk sound.

“’Black Visions of Crimson Wisdom’ is also pretty popular with the fans, however when it was released, every other person I met told me it was too metal, or too heavy or just not punk enough. Now it seems to have found its audience. All we were listening to at the time was Manowar and Deep Purple and it shows – bigger guitars and weirder song concepts, but it’s still just a heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll album! ‘Equinox Beyond Tomorrow’ was our last release and it was really along the lines of ‘Black Visions…’ but with more rock ‘n’ roll attitude.”

Tell us about your new album ‘Horror Rises From The Tombs’.

“I am pretty happy with actually, and I rarely am. It’s really a mix of the two sounds we are known for. Its certainly the fastest album we have recorded and maybe the meanest, especially lyrically. All the songs are horror obsessed and the production is stripped down and very raw.”

What can people expect from your upcoming tour?

“Primarily we play things from the first two albums, the singles and a few new tracks. Were also currently playing a song called ‘Teenage Blood’ that comes out next year on Black Lung Records.

“For right now it’s Europe in December, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria and the back to the U.S. for some Texas dates. We would practically kill to get to Australia and Japan.”

What are your future plans?

“Tour, tour and more tour! And another new album next fall!”

December 3 – Turin, United Club – Italy
December 4 – Milan, Honky Tonky – Italy
December 6 – Vienna, Arena Wien – Austria
December 8 – Cologne, Sonic Ballroom – Germany
December 9 – Dresden, Groovestation – Germany
December 10 – Eindhoven, Speedfest – Netherlands
December 11 – Sneek, Bolwerk – Netherlands


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