Kat’s band of the day: Ruinebell

By on 19 December 2011

NAME: Ruinebell
THEY ARE: Dark, metallic crust
FROM: Joensuu, Finland & La Coruña, Spain
FOR FANS OF: Amebix, Axegrinder, Voivod
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Demise In Disgrace’ 7″ (Doomentia Records)
SONGS TO CHECK OUT: Charcoal Emptiness, The Last Morrow Of Apathy
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Bandcamp, Facebook, MySpace

Ruinebell is the “dark apocalyptic metallic crust” project of Lasse Pyykkö, the driving force behind Hooded Menance, Claws and Plegethon, and Dopi Diablo, from Machetazo, Deadmask, Generic Death and Dishammer. The music of Ruinebell is heavily influenced by the dark British 1980’s crust of Amebix and Axegrinder laced with strong dissonant elements of classic Voivod, with a nod to ‘Streetcleaner’-era Godflesh heaviness.

The band’s debut offering ‘Disgrace In Demise’ seriously impressed me, so I tracked down Lasse and Dopi to find out more.

How did the project come about?
Lasse: “I wanted to write dark and metallic crust songs inspired by the likes of Amebix and Axegrinder. Originally I had plans to find members for the band here in Joensuu in Finland but it turned out a bit complicated. A month or two passed before I contacted Dopi about the project. We have been in touch for some years already and I knew he´d probably like this stuff. For us this was a more exciting and reasonable idea than, say, a death metal project.
Dopi: “As soon as I heard the demo he sent me, I was totally shocked, so I had to join! I always wanted to play something like this, old industrial and metallic stenchcore are some of my favourite musical styles.”

What can people expect from this collaboration and debut recording?
Dopi: “Musically, people will check out our potential in different areas than our usual death metal/grindcore bands. And ideologically, people will see how pessimistic and dark is our view of this fucked-up world we live in.”
Lasse: “This is not just some random Amebix worship band by two metalheads – we have our own approach to it. We bring nothing unprecedented to the table but then again we don’t sound exactly like any other band. This should be good reason enough for everyone at least a bit interested in metal & punk to check us out, and for us to keep doing this.”

What’s behind the band name?
Lasse: “The bell of ruin. The gloomy sound you´ll wake up to at the dawn of the apocalypse, haha! I remember we brainstormed the name for quite a while. I think it was me who came up with Ruinbell and Ruinebell. I introduced the idea of using ‘ruin’ in French as ‘ruine’ because it looked somewhat cooler that way.”

What’s happening with your other bands right now? How do you find the time to create so much music?
Dopi: “I guess I am addicted to playing a few different kinds of music. Machetazo is the main one, right now we’re composing a new album. Deadmask and Generic Death will release new vinyls soon. Dishammer split up seven months ago.”
Lasse: “When the inspiration strikes things can happen quite fast. You just find time and use it efficiently. Hooded Menace are going to start recording the new album ‘Effigies of Evil’ (out 2012 on Relapse) any time soon. We also got Teemu Hannonen, my old band mate in Phlegethon, in the 2nd guitar for Hooded Menace’s live line up, so we´re been busy practising a bunch of old and new songs.”

What plans do you have for Ruinebell in 2012?
Dopi: “We haven’t talked about any plans yet. I think we need to focus on those Hooded Menace and Machetazo albumes for 2012.”
Lasse: “Yeah, we’ve got to get the main bands’ new albums out of the way first and see what happens then.”

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