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By on 29 May 2013

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Cult Texan Satanic death metal horde Imprecation returned to the scene a few years ago with unfinished business, which has resulted in ‘Satanae Tenebris Infinita’, the ravaging and snarling beast of a full length, which is actually the bands debut album despite originally forming in the early 90’s. With the album having just seen the light of day via Dark Descent, I thought it was the perfect time to contact vocalist David Herrera to find out more.

WHO ARE THEY: Imprecation
FOR FANS OF: Incantation, Immolation,  Vital Remains, Blaspherian
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Satanae Tenebris Infinita’ (Dark Descent, 2013)

You guys are finally back together and have been more active in recent years, what made you decide to initially awaken this old school black/death metal beast from it’s dormant slumber?!

“It just needed to be done.  There was a ton of unfinished business left in the band, and with me personally as well.  I left the band in 1993 to form Bahimiron (which didn’t happen until 2002), and I feel that it was a bit premature.  There was still realms to explore, and gates to open so I returned to the fold when Ruben [Elizondo, drums] approached me about rejoining.  We also felt that Imprecation went astray from the death metal identity that we worked so hard on, mainly because when Mark Beecher took over on vocals when I left, he started wearing facepaint and capes and stuff bringing a more theatrical element to the band.  Imprecation was never meant to be that, so it eventually drove itself to an end in the late ’90s.  Another thing that was left on the table when the band had it’s initial demise was the simple fact that there was never a proper full length recorded, and we felt that we owed it to ourselves as well as our supporters world wide to fulfill this goal.”

Your first release since your return was the ‘Sigil Of Lucifer’ EP – please tell us a little about this release.
“The ‘Sigil Of Lucifer’ EP was a way to break the ice that had formed between the late ’90s and the new incarnation of the band.  Tim Bartlett who heads Negativity Records and owns Noisefarm studios in Paige, Texas had contacted us about coming down and recording a couple of songs to kickstart things back into life and let the underground know that we have crawled out from the tomb.  It was a great experience, though I’m not sure that the end result was what we were trying to achieve.  The songs were written in the right vein, and it was recorded right as well, but I think we might have rushed into the studio a little prematurely.  My death vocals had been on hiatus for some time, having only been executed with Bahimiron on studio albums and the occasional live performance.  When we recorded the 7″ I still had yet to break the seal properly.  And the guitars came out rather thin in my opinion, though I do not know why that happened as Phil [Westmoreland] and Jim [Case] had a crushing sound at the time.  All in all, chalk it up to a re-learning experience and move forward with the blasphemy!”

After that you recorded a demo “Jehovah Denied” that was released in 2012 – what was the purpose of this demo? Did you sell many copies of it or was it more of a promo demo to try and secure a new record deal?
“‘Jehovah Denied’ was a statement.  First off it had been 20 years since the release of our ‘Ceremony Of  The Nine Angles’ demo so we started to plan to do a true underground styled demo to commemorate the release.  While Ruben and I were starting to plan this action Phil decided that he did not want to play in Imprecation anymore as he was wanting to fulfill his need to play doom.  I dunno what happened but Jim decided to leave as well, leaving us with no guitarists.  We were in shambles of sorts.  Milton Luna was our bass player at the time, so we were ok in that aspect, but we had to start an under-the-radar search for a guitarist.  In Imprecation we do not just plug in a guy with a guitar and push play, the person has to fit our ideology and sound, and to be an all out professional on his instrument.  Needless to say there were not many guitarists in our vicinity to choose from, most of the good to great guitarists were committed to their respective bands or simply did not have the time to join a band. 

ImprecationLuckily Danny Hiller, who had previously left Imprecation (on bass) because he had to get surgery on his wrist area that left him unable to play, was fully recovered and ready to rejoin.  But this time it was to be on his chosen instrument of a guitar.  The four of us trudged forward and crafted four songs, fleshed them out and beat them down.  The end result was ‘Jehovah Denied’, and in my opinion it is one of the most honest and brutal releases we had done up to that point.  The demo was never really recorded to secure a record deal, that really was a secondary purpose to be quite frank.  It was more or less done with a new purpose to silence all of our doubters who felt that Ruben and myself could not carry on with Imprecation without Phil and Jim in it.  We did everything ourselves, from the recording to the layout.  We sold all of the 100 copies within the first week of release, and eventually this demo was released on cassette by Unholy Domain records in Italy.  I did send one to Matt from Dark Descent Records, as I felt that he was a label that cared about what he attached his name to, and hoped to peak his interest in working with us to release our first full length.  As I said, the demo had a secondary purpose of trying to find a good label.  Matt was fully interested, he agreed to sign us for the album and the rest is as you know it.”

Your new full length ‘Satanae Tenebris Infinita’ is due to be unleashed soon by one of the best and most prolific American independant death/extreme metal labels Dark Descent Records, how did you hook up with them? Please tell the readers abit about this album in your own words and what they can expect from it.
“Matt had previously agreed to release a split 7” with our death metal brothers in Blaspherian (which is still going to happen), and I noticed that he was showing some interest on some various forums in regards to ‘Jehovah Denied’ so I basically took a shot in asking him.  We’ve been around a while and have made some sort of mark in the underground through our earlier releases, so I figured that I did not need to “sell” Dark Descent a reason why he should take a chance on releasing our full length as our earlier work speaks for itself.  We chatted over the phone for about an hour as to what we were looking for from his end, he gave me a rough idea of what we would be looking at on the business end of the deal, everything sounded killer so we went forward with the contract. ‘Satanae Tenebris Infinita’ was originally entitled ‘Of The Black Earth’ as that was a title that I have had in my pocket for the name of our first full length since 1992.  I even printed it on the first shirts that have the “Necronomicross” on the front that were done for the ‘Ceremony Of The Nine Angles’ demo.  Anyways, label mates Maveth came out with their album on Dark Descent entitled ‘Coils Of The Black Earth’ at the end of 2012, and rather than compete with them on the title I just figured we should rename the album to something else.  Not to mention that we have a song on the album entitled ‘The Coils Of Eden’ haha, so the similarities in that aspect were too close. ‘Satanae Tenebris Infinita’ was the latin translation of “The Infinite Darkness of Satan”, translated with a little guidance from Tim Bartlett and Jeff Tandy (both whose opinions I value and trust fully) and a professional latin translator confirmed that we were right in the translation.  I like the title so much more, it almost has a feel very similar to our initial compilation full length LP ‘Thuergia Goetia Summa’.  You can expect everything that Imprecation is about on this album, with a dirty modern production that loses none of the vibe that we laid down in the years of 1992 and 1993.”



Where was the new album recorded? Are you satisifed overall with how it has turned out?! How would you compare the Imprecation of 2013 to that of the early 90’s incarnation? Is there any notable differences in your opinion?
“It was recorded at Big Door Studios is Webster, Texas.  I have recorded here for years with Bahimiron, and I am a good friend with the owner and engineer Mike BBQ.  The man understands abrasive heaviness, and he knows how to bring out what we seek everytime we enter his studio.  I would say it’s a menacing beast in sound, not too polished and has a great crushing low end on the bass. Everything is where it needs to be.  The mastering is excellent as well, done by Dan from Cruciamentum.”

What has the response been like overall to your return to the scene, do you find that there is alot of younger people getting into Imprecation aswell as the die hard old guard/old schoolers who remember the band from when you were active the first time around?!
“Yeah, it’s been killer!  We still have a lot of support from the old guard, but have gained a ton of younger people who understand what true underground death metal is all about!  Everywhere we play there is always someone from back in the day who never got a chance to see us, and we make sure that we give them 110% onstage especially for the support they have shown for such a long time!  We get lots of emails from demons the world over with their Imprecation collection on display and anticipating the new album.”

How active is the current incarnation of Imprecation? Do you play live much locally or out of state? Are there any or many plans to play and maybes even tour in support of the new album after it’s release? What can people expect from an Imprecation live show?!
We take things in stride, we are all older, mind you, and have adult responsibilities that we cannot simply ignore by jumping in a van and hitting the road for weeks on end.  With that being said, we have been active as of recent, with shows in Mexico, New York, Maryland in addition to our shows throughout the state of Texas!  We are supposed to return up north in October of this year, and we look forward to it tremendously as the crowds up there for our sets have been insane.  Later this month we will be supporting the mighty Bolt Thrower at the Chaos In Tejas fest in Austin, Texas, looking forward to that as well!  Expect true underground Satanic Death Metal played with true passion and hate.”

Any plans to hit Europe?
Would love to, though no serious offers have come through as of yet!”

Imprecation - Satanae Tenebris Infinita

I have always loved the artwork of Imprecation – the new art looks absolutely amazing – If I am not wrong it is a Chris Moyen creation? Why did you decide to use this artist? Please tell us about this art.
“Yes it does!  The cover is indeed crafted by none other than the master Chris Moyen.  He asked me what I wanted for the cover and then translated it with great talent.  Also featured within the album is another master of dark arts Mark Riddick with a creation of sex and blasphemy that he translated with great vision and talent as well!”

Words: Kat Gillham

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