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A little while ago I made Newcastle based death metallers Horrified band of the day, and now I would like to introduce another death metal band from Newcastle who have really impressed me with their debut studio recording which is full of caustic HM2 riffage, guttural death growls and Swe-beating punked up energy, the grinding punk edge being injected by some members love of crust bands such as Wolfpack and Skitsystem. Their sound is as filthy and brutal as their chosen moniker, this is no frills raw grinding crusty death metal, nothing more, nothing less and well and truly rooted in the old school. Bryan Larssen the drummer/vocalist answered my questions…

WORDS: Kat Gillham

WHO ARE THEY: Fed To The Boars
WHERE ARE THEY FROM: Newcastle, England
FOR FANS OF: Nihilist, Entombed, Grave, Skitsystem, Bastard Priest, Dismember, Entrails.
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Family Of Swine’ (Self released, 2014)
WEBSITE: Facebook

Hi, please give me a quick history of the band and tell us who is currently in the band and who does what?
Bryan (Larssen, drums/vocals): “Fed To The Boars was formed in its current incarnation in 2013 from the remnants of a couple of previous bands we were in. Myself, Dean and Jonny have worked together musically since 2008. Marc joined early this year, but I’ve worked with Marc previously too. Our current line up is, Bry-Drums/Vocals, Dean-Guitar/Vocals, Jonny-Bass and Marc-Guitar.”

You have recently finished up and released your debut studio recording, a maxi single titled ‘Family Of Swine’ which to my ears is a filthy slab of old school style death metal, please tell the readers a bit about this recording in your own words and what they can expect from it. Are you very satisfied with how this recording turned out?
Bryan: “Yeah, we’ve just completed ‘Family Of Swine’, it’s a three track maxi single. I guess the best way to describe it is essentially death metal with some elements of grindcore and hardcore punk. We’re pretty pleased with the way it’s turned out, you can always listen back to anything you record and point at something you might’ve done differently, but yeah, what you see is what you get with us, no gimmicks!”

How has the response been so far from death metalheads? Do you hope to attract some label interest from this recording?
Bryan: “The response has been great so far, we had a great review from The Killchain blog which was awesome. We never set out to necessarily get a record deal from this, we love playing music together, both in rehearsal and live. Label interest would be a very welcome thing, but as we know, the music industry has changed a lot. If we get a deal, great! But we do this primarily for the music!”

What formats is it currently available in? Are there plans for other formats?
Bryan: “‘Family Of Swine’ is currently available on digital download from Bandcamp, we’re planning a limited run of hard copies on CD in the next couple of months.”

Where was your debut recorded?
Bryan: “Our debut was recorded at Downcast Studios in Gateshead and engineered by Phil Davies who owns Downcast.”

You guys are following very much in the early ’90s death metal tradition, which bands made you want to play such a style of music in the first place and what bands fuel and shape the sound of Fed To The Boars? I can hear that you guys must be heavily influenced by the old Stockholm bands such as Early Entombed, Grave etc..
Bryan: “Yeah, Entombed/Nihilist’s early stuff is a big influence on us, as are the first two Grave albums! Various members are influenced in other ways by bands such as Death, Wolfpack, Skitsystem, Dismember, Necrophagist to mention a few. But genre wise we draw inspiration from death metal, grindcore and punk… Anything that makes your hair stand up really.”

Why the band name Fed To The Boars? Please tell us why you decided on this name?
Bryan: “Dean was in a record store looking through CDs and noticed a track called ‘Fed To The Boars’. It turned out to be the Grand Supreme Bloodcourt album. When he mentioned it to us, it conjured up the image from the movie Hannibal where Gary Oldman is quite literally fed to the boars. Horror, death, mutilation, filth… The name was decided….”

Lyrically what inspires you to put pen to paper?
Bryan: “I write a lot about social issues, injustices in society, the psychos that live among us and the way the human mind works. Death is an obvious subject to tackle, which we do, but I always try to take a different angle, something a little less obvious…”

Do you have any plans for new material already or is it too early to think about working towards another recording/release?
Bryan: “We have enough material to record a lot more, however, the main focus is to gig this material at the moment. We’re writing new  songs at present, but that stuff will be played live before we choose which ones to record. There are some of our songs we’re really excited to hear recorded.”

How active are you as a live band? Any plans to start playing outside of the local area? What can people expect from your live show?
Bryan: “We’ve been pretty active over the past few months, and we have a Glasgow gig planned for next year as well as Byker Grave this year too. We want to get a lot further afield next year and have plans to do so… If you come to one of our shows, you can expect a no frills, death grind gig! We’re not big talkers on stage, so we like to get on, give our best for the audience and each other and get off stage!”

The old school style death metal resurgence is still very much going strong, what appeals to you guys most about this style compared to the more polished modern death metal/deathcore sound? Are there amany other newer bands out there that you feel an affinity with?
Bryan: “We’re not really fans of the polished modern stuff. We don’t use triggers or gates for recording and go for a natural feel wherever we can. Over producing takes away the rawness that was present in the old style, which really gave the original bands their appeal.  There are some of the newer bands out there that we feel an affinity with I suppose, bands such as Entrails, Hail Of Bullets, Grand Supreme Bloodcourt etc. but I guess they still follow the formula of the old school.”

You guys are based in Newcastle, which is known for it’s NWOBHM but not so much for it’s death metal scene, how is the local death metal scene in your opinion at the moment? What bands from your area/scene can you recommend to the readers out there who are keeping the old school tradition of death metal alive? Is this the first death metal band you have all been involved with?
Bryan: “The local Death Metal scene is quite prolific at the moment, it reminds me of the early nineties, loads of people were in bands and other bands would travel from other areas of the north to play together. The beauty of the scene at the minute, is that a lot of the gigs aren’t genre specific, so you get to see and play with a lot of really cool bands! Some of the bands that spring to mind are Plague Rider, Live Burial, Blind Spite, First Process Church Of Mars, Winds Of Genocide, Uncoffined and a little further North you have incredible bands like Acatalepsy and NNGNN… This isn’t the first death metal band we’ve been in, we’ve all had dealings with death from way back and we continue to do it because we love extreme music.”

Describe the band in 5 words only?
Bryan: “We can do this in three… DEATH, GRIND, FILTH!”

What are the plans for the rest of the year and into 2015?
Bryan: “Rehearsing and writing new material is the priority at the moment, we have Byker Grave in November and something coming up in Scotland soon enough, we’re planning a second EP sometime in the new year too, we’re also planning some gigs further afield…”

Thanks for answering this short interview, the last words are yours Bryan.
Bryan: “Cheers for the interview Kat, it’s been a great experience! Readers can download our maxi single ‘Family Of Swine’ from fedtotheboars.bandcamp.com for only £2. We hope to see you at various gigs this year and next…”

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