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By on 11 July 2013
End Reign (Pic Kev Williams)

(Pic: Kev Williams)

Birthed from the same area that gave us hardcore stalwarts such as Voorhees and Break It Up, End Reign are no strangers to the UK hardcore scene, in fact it feels like they’ve been plying their strain of dark hardcore up and down the country forever. Evoking a sound reminiscent of the dearly departed Cursed, topped off with the European influence of Rise And Fall, The Secret and AMENRA, End Reign are proof that you don’t need a HM2 pedal and a deal with Southern Lord to produce utterly crushing dark hardcore. With writing well underway for their long awaited full length, it was only a matter of time before we picked them up, so we spoke to guitarists Martin and Matt to find out where they’re up to.

FOR FANS OF: Cursed, Rise And Fall, Integrity, The Secret
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Suicide Collection’ (Church Of Fuck/Witch Hunter Records)

Who’s in End Reign and what do they do?
Matt: “Martin and Me play guitar, Dave plays bass, Jacque plays drums and Geoff does vocals.”

When did the band form?
“The band originally formed in early 2009 though we didn’t actually record until a year later, or play any shows until mid 2010, with having a few line up changes.”

How did you get together?
Matt: “Well me, Dave and Jacque had all been in previous bands together but nothing ever really stuck ’til End Reign. After we’d decided to do something else we asked Geoff to join and we went from there.”

Where does the band name come from?
“Collectively we are the worst people for naming bands, and we do have a few between us. We more or less settled for the best of a bad bunch one night during practice, I can’t exactly remember how the thing came about though…”

What turned you onto hardcore/extreme music?
“I think speaking for all of us, it was pretty much just what we’ve been into since we were young, being in bands since school days ect. As for hardcore – back in 2005/6, Durham had an unbelievable hardcore scene, looking back comparing it to now its hard to imagine it ever being like that but it was!”

Whats the scene like where you live?
“In recent years the extreme music community in Newcastle have really upped their game. Loads of sweet shows have taken place and now we have Northern Darkness festival, which takes place on 8 December. Buy a ticket! At The Gates are headlining and the fact it’s managing to happen in Newcastle is unreal; a chance to hear any of the songs from ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ live is worth the ticket alone. As for the hardcore scene… as I said before, it’s hard to believe how Durham used to be compared to how dog shit the scene is now!”

Who are your inspirations as musicians?
“The Secret are a good current band. They’ve been a band forever, slowly but surely growing over the years and are now truly becoming a key European extreme band. I just watched footage from their set at Hellfest and it looked immense.”

Who or what are your inspirations as songwriters?
“Cursed are number one, everything they did was amazing. ‘Into Oblivion’ era Rise And Fall for me is the best European hardcore release ever written, so they’ve got to have a mention. Asides to that bands like Magrudergrind, Nails, early Immortal, Old Man Gloom and Eyehategod.”

You’ve been working on a new album for the best part of two years now, whats happening with that? Hows it sounding? When can people expect to hear it?
Martin: “Well our album is a bit of a long story to be honest. Three or four months after joining the band in 2011, Jacque moved over a hundred miles away from us to Huddersfield for university. That splitting the band between Newcastle, Durham and Huddersfield, though we figured we could still make it work. Anyway, I’m quite into music production so we figured we’d just write with programmed drums and Jacque could learn the songs before coming up here to practice with us. Unfortunately we didn’t anticipate how time consuming all that would be. So for the first year and a half we went through what we called “drum hell”, because to be honest we were dog shit at computer drumming End Reign songs. We did however write six songs in that time, but hit a writing wall since we were hating the way we were having to do it so badly.

After getting Jacques blessing, a friend of ours then filled in on drums to assist us writing and within two band practices we wrote a further two more songs for the record. Our fill-in drummer was then unfortunately in an accident, badly hurting his knee, leaving us once again looking for a way to get shit done. By this point Matt was playing drums and Geoff playing guitar, so instruments were swapped and we managed to carry on. We wrote a further two songs like that and by the time we started our final track, we figured we should make the effort to write at least a track or two with Jacque physically on drums. They’re currently under way which is where we’re at with the record now. It’s been the strangest process writing, but it’s pretty much fully written now and to be honest considering the hurdles we’ve had, it’s actually come out amazing and we’re all dying for recording, which we’re hoping is now only gonna be a couple of months away – fingers crossed.”

Whats the plan for End Reign for the rest of 2013?
“Just focusing on tying loose ends for recording the album with a few one off shows. We’re playing the next Thirty Days Of Night Event in September but we’re really holding out for the album to be finished before we get back into touring again, though saying that if you’re reading this and you want to take us on tour, we’re all ears haha! Once the album is actually out though we’re hoping to get back to Europe for 10 days or so and obviously see what we can work out in the UK, because we still really want to get down to the south west and play some shows. We’re all missing touring though so the sooner the better!”

End Reign’s ‘Suicide Collection’ is out now via Church Of Fuck/Witch Hunter Records.
To keep up to date with future End Reign shows, check  them out on Facebook.

Words: John Consterdine

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