Dave’s band of the day: Hacktivist

By on 2 November 2011


NAME: Hacktivist
THEY ARE: Downtuned technical riffing with ferocious grime-style vocals
FROM: Milton Keynes, UK
FOR FANS OF: SiKth, Ion Dissonance, Public Enemy
LATEST RELEASE: They have just the one untitled song to their name

Milton Keynes’ Hacktivist are pretty much as new a band as we’re ever likely to feature here, having only one tune currently available (and an untitled one at that). That said, that tune grabbed me by the balls, and made me want to find out more straight away.

With a sound taking cues from bands like Meshuggah, SiKth and their ilk, but mixed with some hard-edged, distinctly British, rapped vocals, it’s a mix of styles that works very well and immediately sets it apart in a scene already overloaded with soundalike bands.

Hacktivist were formed by vocalist Ben Marvin, and guitarist Timfy James (formerly of Heart of a Coward) along with friends, and local musicians, Craig Howe (bass), and Nick Freeman (drums). Completing the line up is solo grime MC Jay Hurley.

We caught up with Timfy to find out what comes next for Hackitivist

The first thing that’s going to stand out to most people are the vocals. What made you experiment with hip hop?

“I recently left Heart of a Coward, wanting to shake up this already stale scene, and pursue something completely different to what’s currently circulating.

“I have always been into my dubstep, grime and drum & bass so wanted to fuse some of these genres with my ‘djent’ and groove passion creating a sound that wasn’t gimmicky or pretentious.”

Metallers can, for better or worse, be pretty quick to write off anything that’s got any association with rap. Are you prepared for that, and does that make you even more determined to forge your own path?

“Those people are just as important to us as our die hard fans. We have had incredible feedback and support from 90% of our listeners which is overwhelming. There’s only one way to make a change and that’s to create a divide. This is no publicity stunt, we are merely searching for that new sound that re-ignites your imagination and keeps music alive. There is no way in telling how Hacktivist will be perceived on a larger scale but that’s the fun of it!”

What’s the next step for you guys, the first track hit last week, and doesn’t even seem to have a name. When will you have new material ready and whats the plan for it?

“Our first E.P should be ready early next year and will be accompanied by our debut show with The Acacia Strain on Friday the 16th of March.”

On the strength of this track, I’m definitely excited to hear more, and looking forward to seeing how these guys evolve.


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