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Witchgrave hail from Sweden and play a great dirty ’80s style heavy metal with harsh vocals – imagine the hardrockin’ harshness of early Venom mixed with some old Maiden and Angel Witch! I sent some questions to the band and Sven (drummer) provided the answers.

FOR FANS OF: Early Venom, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch.
LATEST RELEASE:  Witchgrave (High Roller Records 2013)
Witchgrave on FACEBOOK, at High Roller Records

Hails! Your new album is soon to be unleashed via High Roller Records – what can the readers of Terrorizer expect from this latest offering from Witchgrave?

Filthy, perverse and depraved heavy metal pretty much sums it up. It’s our first full-length but people who enjoyed our EP will hopefully like this too.

Can you please give us a more in depth insight into the tracklist for the new album and the lyrical themes that run throughout these songs?

The album will consist of 8 tracks of raw heavy metal and the lyrics have to fit the music as well. We write lyrics about whatever we want to, and sometimes they can get pretty fucked and dirty but that’s the way we like it. There is not one theme that runs through the record but the Satan, sex and the killing of virgins to call forth dark forces and other acts of evil morbidity are common throughout the record. We also have a song about a mad motorcycle man who doesn’t give a fuck about life or the rules that society sets. Sort of like us.

Where was the new album recorded and why did you choose that particular studio/producer?

We choose to work with Filip (or Philip?) from Helvetets Port since he is a good friend with great knowledge taste in this kind of music. He is also probably even more fucked up that us which was a good thing when we were trying weird stuff and writing the final stuff in the studio. With us in the studio was also David from Portrait and Hands of Orlac and the drummer of Helvetets Port, Oskar, whose drums I borrowed for this recording. So we locked our selves up in this small cabin in the middle of nowhere for about a week. Things got a little out of hand and crazy with the alcohol and stuff from time to time but that just made the record sound even more drunk and honest.

How did you hook up with High Roller – was it a case of them contacting you and offering a deal or did you shop promos around to labels?

Well, they contacted us about releasing our EP a few years back and now we just asked them if they felt like releasing this as well. We were never even in contact with anybody else. I guess it was the easy way out but I’m sure it will work out well.

How long has the writing process been for the debut album? Did the material come together quite fast or was it quite a steady process? After the critical acclaim the E.P. received did you feel any pressure or did it come together quite effortlessly with no stress?

We started to work on it after the EP was released but we never hurry and always take our time. Sometimes we has periods when we were very inspired and wrote a lot and then sometimes months would pass without anything happening. And we all have other bands and stuff as well. But didn’t feel any pressure, we just wrote songs we enjoyed playing. I haven’t really noticed the critical acclaim of the EP. Sure, some good reviews but nothing to make us worry about losing an audience, haha! It came together without any stress but of course we worked on the songs until we were satisfied. And then we just wrote some final stuff in the studio.

Are there any tracks on the new album that stand out to you and that are your personal faves to play, if so why? Or do you think each track stands strong on it’s own compared to the next – if it is anything like the EP I expect it will be a case of “all killer and no filler”!

My two favourites from the album are “The Last Supper” and “Motorcycle Killer”.  But of course we like all the songs and there are no fillers to us. Some of the songs are older and we have been playing them quite a lot and of course those songs are not as interested as the newest stuff to us. Those two songs have never been played live or anything. Also, they are really good songs with great lyrics and lots of atmosphere.

How can people get hold of the new album?

It’s out on High Roller Records in mid-February and they have good distribution so you can probably find it pretty much anywhere. Or just order from them. Check their homepage for samples and stuff as well.

Vomit of the priest! Cheers and fuck off!

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