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Witchburner have been an active teutonic thrash metal force since the mid 1990s. Weathering plenty of musical trend storms that have battered the extreme scene since their formation, Witchburner have surpassed many flavour of the month bands and styles by staying true to their roots without compromise.

The band are about to drop their 7th full length studio album  ‘Bloodthirsty Eyes’ in February via High Roller ,  so it is the perfect time to get the lowdown on the upcoming release. Pino the bands vocalist, who makes his debut on the new album, spoke with Kat Gillham

WHERE ARE THEY FROM?  Fulda, Hesse, Germany
FOR FANS OF   Early Kreator, Early Sodom, Nocturnal, early Slayer
LATEST RELEASE   ‘Bloodthirsty Eyes’ (High Roller Records 2013)

So Pino, you’re the new vocalist! How did the band get in touch with you and what led to the departure of your last vocalist Metallic Mayhem? What can Witchburner fans expect from your new flavour? 

The members and I have known each other for a while from concerts, festivals and Witchburner gigs. As Metallic Mayhem’s behavior made it impossible to have him in the band any longer he had to leave. The guys were searching for a new singer and Carnivore (Ex-Cruel Force) gave them the tip to ask me. Seegel called me and some days later I visited their rehearsal, sang some songs, they liked it and I became the new vocalist.

Your new album “Bloodthirsty Eyes” is soon to be unleashed via High Roller Records – what can the readers of Terrorizer expect from this latest offering from Witchburner? More ripping teutonic thrash?

‘Bloodthirsty Eyes’ will stare you in the face! Expect fast, dirty, intense Teutonic thrash metal in the typical Witchburner tradition!

Can you please give us an insight into the tracklist for the new album and the lyrical themes that run throughout its songs? What is the meaning behind the new album title?

This time the songs are dealing with horror, zombies and end-time topics. I wrote all the lyrics. Sermon of Profanity – The opening track, is about a black ceremony of an unknown cult. Possession is about the eternal cult of Heavy Metal Master and Slave – It’s a little sleazy song about sex and perversion in the good old Mentors style! Path of the Sinner  deals with the inversion of the ideals of Christianity and our fucked up society. Behave like an asshole and become your own master! Apocalyptic Visions, well the title says it all. It’s about the downfall of humanity, chaos and death. Bloodthirsty Eyes  is a story is based on Seegel’s idea about eyeless zombies! They need the eyes of the living to use them as their own. Never Surrender the guys already had the title for so I chose the topic. It’s about a once proud but now oppressed tribe that breaks the chains of slavery and also the skulls of their oppressors. I think I watched/read too much Conan and Slaine movies/ books/ comics and stuff like that! The Bringer of Disease focuses on an impure creature, a supreme rotten entity. He brings plague, pestilence, insanity and death upon mankind. Spirits of the Dead is another horror story. It’s about an ossuary on an old cemetery. The tortured spirits of the dead haunt this place. I got the idea for this one while watching the ossuary scene in “DellaMorte DellAmore”,  but the lyrics have nothing to do with the movie.

Where was the new album recorded and why did you choose that particular studio and producer?

We wanted to create as much as we could by ourselves. We recorded at the studio of our axeman Mächel (Michael Frank). The mixing was again done at Andy’s cellar and Patrick W. Engel of Temple of Disharmony is responsible for the mastering. We love Patrick’s previous work so we wanted that sound for our album. The Killer artwork was designed by Jowita Kaminska. She has been drawing for Witchburner since the “Final Detonation” LP and knows what we want. I think the two drawings ,front and back,  tell a story together.  Jowita has produced some of the best work she has ever done for “Bloodthirsty Eyes”. We like it very much!

Are there any notable differences between your last album “Demons” and the new album? Or is it a case of business as usual and following more or less in the same thrashing vein as it’s predecessor?

One difference you will recognise directly is the vocals. My voice differs a lot of that of Metallic Mayhem. The new songs are more aggressive and brutal. So there is more variety in comparison to “Demons”.

How do you feel overall about the new material compared to the last album?

The new album contains some of the strongest Witchburner songs ever and we are very proud of them!

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