Band Of The Day: Ursut

By on 28 September 2012

NAME: Ursut

FROM: Malmö, Sweden

FOR FANS OF: State Of Fear, Genocide Superstars, Disrupt, Wolfpack

LATEST RELEASE: ‘Dårarnas Paradis’ (self released (CD)/La Familia (Vinyl)

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Facebook, website, Bandcamp

Ursut describe themselves as a ‘raw bulldozer käng punk detonation’. The production on their album is crisp and powerful but still has a raw, feral attitude to it and will appeal to those who like their crust and käng punk with a metallic sharpness. Terrorizer interrogated Oskar and Mattias to find out more about this new and exciting band.

Please give me a quick background history on the band and introduce the current line up.

Oskar: “It started out as a recording session a couple of years ago when me and Rodrigo had Mattias to record 6 songs on a Sunday in August just before I moved to Portugal for a couple of months. All these were picked up when Mattias asked me what to do with it all and then I said that he should be playing guitar together with me and he had Simon on bass. We managed to get the songs together and start playing some live shows, beginning with a show at the Malmö Hardcore Fest 2010. After this, we managed to get some more shows done and enough songs for our full-length album ‘Dårarnas Paradis’, which our friend Stachel recently released on his label La Familia Releases.”

Mattias: “Yeah, I started the recording in 2008. Two years, later I asked why it was just going to collect dust and I wanted to finish it. I added guitars and ideas.”

Your debut album ‘Dåranas Paradis’ was released a little while ago. Please tell the readers what they can expect from this album and the music.

O: “Powerful is a good word, I think. To get a hint of what we’re doing, we went back in time a couple of years and managed to record a raw d-beat punk album sung and written in Swedish, ’90s style.”

How did you hook up with La Familia? How can the readers get hold of your debut album?

O: “I knew Stachel from La Familia Releases from before, and gave him our demo and asked him if he could be interested in releasing the LP, then we released the CD version our selves. To get a hold of this you can go to Punkdistro or order from us at either our webpage or through Not Enough.”

How active is Ursut as a live band? What can people expect from an Ursut live show?

O: “We’re as active as we can be when being a band consiting of four parents with seven kids in total. We’ve been on a short German trip and will try and get some more shows done. We’ve been playing mostly in Sweden and some shows in Denmark. There will be more for sure! What to expect from a live set from us, most likely that we will try to deliver as much energy as possible. I’ve enjoyed it all at lot so far and will definitely keep doing so!”

What bands shape and influence the sound of Ursut?

O: “I’d say State of Fear, Disrupt and Wolfpack. I really love the raw and brutal stuff like these bands have been delivering. I guess there’re some more but these to begin with.”

M:” State of Fear, Disrupt, Bastard, Anti Cimex, Bolt Thrower and Eddie Meduza.”

What plans do you have for the rest of 2012 and into next year?

O: “We plan to get some new songs recorded and hopefully released and some more shows done.”

‘Dårarnas Paradis’ is out now on La Familia

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