Band of the Day: Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

By on 7 December 2011

NAME: Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
THEY ARE: Occult, creepy doom rock
FROM: Cambridgeshire, England
FOR FANS OF: early Black Sabbath, Blood Ceremony, Hour Of 13
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Blood Lust” (self released/ Rise Above Records)
SONGS TO CHECK OUT: ‘Death’s Door’, ‘I’ll Cut You Down’, ‘Over And Over Again’
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Facebook, YouTube, MySpace

These very catchy doom rockers instantly hooked me. This band have, much in the same way as Ghost did towards the end of 2010, created quite a buzz for themselves online. After initially starting out fairly unnoticed by the wider scene, forum hype has sent eBay prices soaring through the roof in recent months. The band’s self-released CDs and limited edition releases have been going for hundreds of dollars, but are they worthy of the hype? Well, they are VERY good. They know how to write a song which will sink its musical claws deep into you and won’t let go. This is some seriously addictive music and I’ve found myself continuously replaying songs over and over, ‘Death’s Door’ being one such stand-out song.

The band’s second album was initially self-released by the band in small quantities before the keen musical nose of a certain Lee Dorrian, the Cathedral frontman and head honcho at Rise Above Records, picked up their scent. They released a vinyl version of the album ‘Blood Lust’, the musical equivalent of an old witchfinder film – darkly and powerfully evocative, conjuring up images of candlelit rituals and sinister witch hunts in the darkest shadows of the English countryside of the 1600’s.

I contacted the band to find out a bit more about this still quite mysterious musical entity, with Uncle Acid himself the subject of my interrogation:-

Your debut album ‘Vol 1’ was released last year. Is this recording still available?
“No, it’s no longer available. We only put it out because we had a massive fan base of five people asking for a CD of our stuff. There wasn’t much more interest than that so we just got the lowest amount of booklets printed up that we could get and released what we had. It took us about six months to sell 30 copies. Overall it’s not a bad album, I just wish we spent more time on it.”

How did you get involved with Rise Above?
“Mr. Dorrian liked what he heard and wanted to help us out. At the time there was no buzz going on which was fine by us, so we just went with as many copies as we thought we could sell. Rise Above were the first label to help us out when no one else wanted anything to do with us. It was kinda like when Neil Young gave Charles Manson a motorcycle. I appreciate someone reaching out to us like that.”

Where are you based?
“Cambridgeshire. The middle of nowhere. The lawless flat lands of inbreeding and witchery. People are very suspicious and fearful of things round here. You can fully understand how Matthew Hopkins managed to terrorize so much of this and surrounding counties. In some dark areas of East Anglia, I’m convinced it’s still actually the year 1644.”

Why the band name Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats?
“It’s taken from Rusty Day, the singer of Cactus, who later had a band called Uncle Acid And The Permanent Damage Band. I hope he doesn’t mind. He’s dead now, but I think he’d appreciate it. It’s our tribute to him.”

What are your lyrical inspirations?
“I come up with a long story in my mind for the whole album and then I look at writing the lyrics as being like adapting the screenplay or something. ‘Vol. 1’ was more of a collection of shorts, like Hammer House of Horror, whereas ‘Blood Lust’ is supposed to be like a weird, unfinished ’60s witchfinder film.”

‘Blood Lust’ is available for preorder here.


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