Band Of The Day: Lord Vicar

By on 20 April 2012

NAME: Lord Vicar

THEY ARE: Heavy doom metal
FROM:  Sweden/Finland/UK
FOR FANS OF: Reverend Bizarre, Count Raven, Saint Vitus
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Signs Of Osiris’ (The Church Within)

SONGS TO CHECK OUT: ‘The Answer’, ‘Child Witness’, ‘Sign of Osiris Slain’

Lord Vicar frontman Lord Chritus Linderson and guitarist Kimi Kärki (aka Peter
Vicar) have a collective rich musical history between them when it
comes to doom metal. Chritus cut his teeth in Count Raven before a short stint fronting LA Doom legends Saint Vitus and Kimi  in doom trio Reverend Bizarre. They absolutely smashed  the Green Room at this year’s Roadburn, so let’s check ’em out.

How quickly did the idea of forming a new doom band come into your
head after the demise of Reverend Bizarre?

“I started planning this band after I knew for certain that my old band
Reverend Bizarre was going to end. So in a way I looked into the
future at the same time as we were doing the last recordings of RB.
Chritus was the first [singer] I had in mind, I had seen him live
with Terra Firma, when they supported Cathedral and Orange Goblin in
Helsinki, back in the late ’90s. He was definitely one of the coolest
frontmen I had ever witnessed, and I certainly loved his vocal style.”

Please tell the readers a bit about your new album in your own words and what they can expect from your second full-length ‘Signs Of Osiris’?

“I have to say we have matured a lot as musicians in these last few years,
and the result can be heard on the album as well. I am very proud of
this warm, organic, heavy and layered piece of work, it has good
dynamics, a lot of light and shade. I trust that it will stand the
test of time. So, people, check it out, this one’s our heartblood!”

And the future?

“I am writing songs for the next full length, ‘Gates of Flesh’, and I
guess if we have less gigs in short term, that’s where my priority
lies during next few months after the tour. One song, ‘A Woman Out of
Snow’, is fully written, and a few are pretty clear as well. Gareth
has one song ready, ‘Breaking the Circle’. I am working on two others
right now, ‘The Green Man’, and ‘Leper, Leper’, and Jussi is writing
about making love.”

Words: Kat Gillham


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