Bossk stream new album ‘Audio Noir’

By on 1 April 2016

Bossk blur the lines between the post metal and post rock subgenres, earning a cult-like status in the underground music scene. They’ve selectively shared stages with bands including …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Cult of Luna, Dragged Into Sunlight, and many more. We asked the band about the string sections on ‘Audio Noir’:

‘The strings sections I’m really proud of how they came out. I’d not really heard much of the parts before they were recorded and Rob and Martin presented it as a kind of “what do you guys think to this?” And I loved it first listen. We’d always wanted to have extra instruments on our records, and this was the first time we got to do a lot of new things. So many amps were tried. Hours and hours deciding on guitar tones and pedal usages. Was a very fun and challenging experience for us all.’

Speaking about the album itself, the band told us:

‘We’d like to think a lot of what we write is unusual. We want people to go on a journey with it. It’s written as one continuous piece of music, with every song flowing into the next. The end of the album also flows directly into the start of the first song. As if an endless loop. We recorded it in chunks, one instient at a time till each layer was finished in a barn with our friend Martin, who was a huge influence and help on the making the sound of the album. The mixing process took a lot longer than we expected with the length of the songs and how different every song was. It’s hard to make 8 songs sound the same and completely different all at the same time. We’ve always collectively show a big interest in space, and science fiction, our previous records artwork had either a very nature based theme, or a very human theme to them. With this album Seldon Hunt helped us create the space side to our imaginations, and once again nailed the main design elements first time. As he has done on every project with us. Having him involved in this has been a huge part in the final product. ‘

Bossk are:

Tom Begley – bass guitar
Rob Vaughan – Guitar
Alex Hamilton – Guitars
Nick Corney – Drums & Samples
Sam Marsh – Vocals

‘Audio Noir’ is released on Deathwish Inc. You can buy ‘Audio Noir’ by Bossk here.

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