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By on 18 December 2012


NAME: Vodun
THEY ARE: Psychedelic voodoo riffage
FROM: London
FOR FANS OF: Eclectic heaviness
UPCOMING RELEASE: Debut E.P due out early Feb
SONGS TO CHECK OUT: Eat Up The Sun, Erzulie

Featuring members of defunct London psyche-riffers Invasion and major label chart-botherers Do Me Bad Things, Vodun are poised to make 2013 a very interesting year indeed.  Heavy, yet soulful and psychedelic, they make an intriguing proposition to the adventurous metalhead…

How did you guys form?

Chan and Zel were previously in another band together, we met Oli through a mutual friend

Can you tell us a little about your new recording?

We put down 7 tracks in a couple of days at Holy Mountain studio in East london – Using Sunn amps, soul vocals, aggressive drums with a sprinkling of African percussion and synths: I think we’ve managed to create something pretty intense and interesting.

What influences you both lyrically and sonically?

Spirituality, the Unknown, the complexity of humans, the state we find this planet in and the Melvins.

What’s the local scene like in London? Who do you consider to be your peers both locally and beyond?

Only speaking from previous experiences in past bands, it’s safe to say that London provides plenty of platforms for bands to get out and do what they can – some of which suck, some of which are great and very advantageous. We look forward to what the city holds for us. In terms of peers – it’s hard to say as we’re just starting out, and I’d like to think that there isn’t much about that sounds like this. So again, we’ll have to wait and see.

Band-wise, we dig Divorce, Turbowolf, Black Moth, Astrohenge, Bo Ningen..

What are your plans for 2013?

Live communications

What is playing on the Vodun stereo right now?

Jucifer, Deap Vally, Drums of Death, Om, Dark Castle, Yob, Cheryl Lynn and Jelly Fish.

Words: Matt Rozeik

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