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By on 11 March 2016

Chichester’s Hell Puppets self-released their debut album ‘Theatre of Sin‘ last year and also played Bloodstock festival. We spoke to the band to find out their higher (or lower) purposes…

Who are you?

EviL-P, Vocals
BeLiaL, Guitar
GRavES, Guitar
BeeLzEBeN, Bass
SaTurNiST, Drums

What dark and depraved sources brought you together?

This all started after an ouija game between the 5 of us back in 2011. We all see something g in the dark through each other and those visions stained our minds. What you see is how we see each other from that recurring night…

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

We always have been about that raw punk tone that that is just purely aggressive but yet adding the low end of the metal edge to that raw punk sound, kinda like the Sex Pistols meets Pantera in a brothel on drugs.

What kind of stuff are you and the rest of the band into?

For me (BeLiAL) influences stem from early ’70s guitarists such as Paul Kossoff of Free and Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols to ’80s metal of Randy Rhoads/Mick Mars to the 90’s of my boy Dimebag Darrell.

Our main influences are White Zombie, Pantera, Sex Pistols and Murderdolls! We all listen to all types of music from Black metal like Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Marduk and Emperor to name a few, to The Rolling Stones and 10cc to Twisted Sister/ Skid Row and W.A.S.P and if course the punk side being The Casualties/ The Damned/ The Adicts etc…

Hell Puppets V1 300How does your writing process normally work out? Will you meet up with song ideas pretty much fully formed beforehand, or do you tend to jam stuff out a bit more?

Normally I will intoxicate myself, light some candles and put on some porn (usually Alexis Texas) I do a demonic reading to set my mind to oblivion of the highest order. I bring my ideas to the grave for the other Puppets to add to…

Myself and Beelzeben have a very strong writing partnership and we often work together on the music whilst Mister Evil will had his disturbance to the mix once work is complete. We then take this to the mortuary and dissect the song until we are happy with the autopsy. You gotta rip it apart man!!

What’s been your best moment as a band? And on the flipside, what’s been the worst thing to happen to you in music?

It’s hard to choose a best moment honestly? Alot has happened over the last 2 years and I could choose 5 moment’s right now!

We supported our friends Evil Scarecrow at their sold out London Underworld show a couple of weeks ago and just recently I was awarded BC Rich guitar player of the week and so that was very overwhelming… But as a band I’d say our greatest moment would’ve been performing Bloodstock 2015 as we worked so hard for that moment and what a moment it was! Worst moment in music… Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit and now Corey Taylor!

What’s next for you?

To spread wrath and hell to the masses, stamp the H on the grounds we pass and raise the dead! To be remembered as one of the last great insane live Punk Shock Horror Metal bands to have graced this earth with our DISGASTAN stench of death.

We are not just a myth! We are a way of life! Nevermind the sex pistols… We’re the fucking Hell Puppets!

Please tell us about the video for ‘We Are the Enemy’?

Produced by Richard Worrall and Jack Stephens, ‘We Are The Enemy’ transposes our punk roots and metal influences perfectly! Lyrically, the description is in the title! It is about rebelling against the government and their lies, religion and religious views, the bible and other books of lies and all of Christianity and exposing the state of our country! As well as exposing the church to pay taxes as they’re a business! And the monarchy of our country stealing from the their public to us being being rejected from a scene that we constantly fought in war that we won! Making us simply your fucking ENEMY!!

You can follow Hell Puppets on Facebook and don’t forget to listen to ‘Theatre of Sin’ on Bandcamp.

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