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By on 30 December 2012

WHERE ARE THEY FROM: Stockholm, Sweden,
FOR FANS OF: Celtic Frost, Venom, Early Slayer, Autopsy
LATEST RELEASE:  Promo Demo 2012


Crucifyre are a Swedish, Stockholm based band that is made up of veterans of the Swedish extreme metal scene – featuring ex and current members of influential bands such as Afflicted, Crematory, Morbid, Maze of Torment, General Surgery, Nasum etc…Crucifyre’s metal of death is born out of the members personal love for bands such as classic Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom etc and transcends the typical retro Swedish death metal that is currently all the rage ( early Entombed/Nihilist etc.. clones) by mixing together the sounds of raw primitive 80’s extreme heavy metal sound with old school death/thrash. The bands debut full length album “Infernal Earthly Divine” was unleashed (sic) upon the scene in 2010 by Pulverised Records and the band recorded a promo demo full of new material which I recieved earlier this year and which showcases much more of a punkier vibe in places – I contacted drummer Yasin Hillborg for a chat.

Hails Yasin! Please give the readers a quick background history on the
band and also please introduce the current line up!

Crucifyre was formed in 2006. We are about playing the purest essence of what death-, black- and heavy metal all’s supposed to be about.  The line up is Erik Tormentor on vocals. He was formerly in Maze of Torment, Serpent Obscene etc, TG and Urban, both lead guitar. TG of course was in Morbid and Urban in Crematory, Regurgitate etc, Doltz,
who’s mostly been in punk and hard core bands on bass, and me, Yasse on drums.

Your debut album “Infernal Earthly Divine” was unleashed upon the world by Pulverised Records back in 2010, I must say it was one RIPPING slab of hellish Swedeath, what are your thoughts looking back on this album a couple years down the line? Are you still satisfied with it or is there anything you would like to change now?!

I wouldn’t agree with you that it’s typical “Swedeath”.  At least not what is usually associated with the tag “Swedish Death Metal”.  Crucifyre isn’t about fucking 90’s riffs! Crucifyre is all about the fucking primal merciless onslaught of Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost and the satanic rites of Mercyful Fate and other music that I will not mention as it will only confuse the narrow mind that may read this.  Infernal is a pretty close result to what we attempted to achieve.  There is always something you want to change, but overall it’s pretty fucking wicked.

You recently recorded 5 new songs for a demo, what is the purpose of
this demo? I must say the new material is sounding DEADLY! Very strong
with so many deathly hooks. Where did you record the demo and how long
did it take for the new material and demo recording to come together?

Actually we recorded six songs on that session. The recording wasn’t really meant to be widely spread (and it hasn’t been either). The purpose was to record new material and see how it could be developed.  I am glad you like it! The session was done in our rehearsal place, but quite properly so having mikes on each drum and so on. The basic tracking was done in a day with vocals and solos done here and there.  With the pretty fucking amazing production we got at the session I kind of wish we put some more time into the recording, but hey. The songs have been written since the recording of Infernal.  Except for the odd riff I’ve written all the tracks. At the moment we have more or less and album’s worth of material.

I take it the demo is a pre production type thing for the 2nd album, when can we expect the second full length album by Crucifyre? Do you have a title in mind for the second album? What can the readers expect from it?

Yes, I guess that’s an accurate description. I hope we will find the means and the right circumstances to record our second album soon. We have a title that will be revealed in due time. The album will have a lot of hard and raw edge with thrashing and grinding just like its predecessor, but there will also be a lot of doom-laden pieces on it. One of my all time favorite concerts was seeing Slayer the first time when they first came to Sweden in 88. (They were on their way in 87 on the Reign in Pain tour, but Dave couldn’t get a visa!). Candlemass was the support band! What a bill! Candlemass and then Slayer. That is partially a dynamic and feel that is attempted to be incorporated in the new songs – the intensity of Slayer and the weight and epic majesty of Candlemass. Add to that the atmosphere of Bathory and some chunks of Autopsy or something and hopefully you might get the picture of what we are trying to achieve with the new material.

I am personally loving the varied tempos in the new songs, I think this new material is even stronger than the already very strong material on the debut full length. What was your thinking and aim when you set to work writing the new material, did you have specific ideas in mind that were already written or did it all just “come together”during rehearsals?.

Thank you Kat! Cool that you like the different dynamics in the tracks. I’ll usually write a song and present it more or less finished and most of the time we’ll do the final arrangements in rehearsal. This process may vary, sometimes I’ll just have a couple of
riffs and other times I’ll have an entire arrangement. I have some specific ideas that I’d like to try with the new stuff. Also I think we are more certain of what Crucifyre should be about. Not that we didn’t have a clear vision the first time around, but there might be a greater degree of consistency in the material this time round. The music that influences me most is what I’ve always listened to – the classics, the originals. I prefer listening to Black Sabbath any day than to some triggered 250 bpm Behemoth wanking. That (hopefully) doesn’t make Crucifyre’s music watered down like most music today.

Some of the new material has a cool punked up vibe to it (“Through the Darkness” comes instantly to mind), makes a nice contrast to the very doomy morbid slowed down sounding parts.  Would you say some punk music has an influence on your songwriting?.

Well yes and probably in a much bigger way and to a larger extent than you might think. I was a punk (rocker) when I was a kid sporting a Mohawk and everything. I got into punk before I got into metal. For me it was the usual punk-metal story. I first got into Motörhead and then Metallica and thrash and then death metal and the early stuff – Sabbath, Zeppelin and classical heavy metal – Priest, Maiden etc.  Through the Darkness has a definite The Damned vibe to it in my opinion. When The Damned are at their best they are one of my favorite bands.  So yeah, there are some punk influences for sure. I have some ideas for a d-beat songs as well that might end up on the next record.

What are your plans for the immediate future?

We are working on our new album and will play here and there, some festivals in Sweden and possibly abroad.

Words: Kat Gillham

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