Band of the day: Collapse

By on 18 January 2013

NAME: Collapse
THEY ARE: Collosal hook-infused metal
FROM: London
FOR FANS OF: The Haunted, Devildriver, Testament
UPCOMING RELEASE: ‘Arms and the Covenant’
SONGS TO CHECK OUT: ‘Arms and the Covenant’

London’s Collapse have been bursting eardrums and causing a bit of a stir for a few years now. ¬†Crafting melodic, yet heavy-as-fuck tunage, as well as smashing it at Bloodstock and Download, we spoke with the band to hear what they have to say.


How did you guys get together?
The original incarnation of the band came together in late 2009 and we cut a demo CD that’s now long out of print, before releasing the ‘Scar the Silence’ e.p. in 2010. Rainer (Bass) came onboard in late 2011 and Christian (Guitar) has joined us in 2012, both guys have bought an incredible skillset and motivation to the table.


Can you tell us a little about your new release? How was the recording process?
The new record is called ‘Arms and the Covenant’. Our aim with this one was to lay the foundation of what the band is about, expand on the previous ep and stretch our wings a little, musically.

We used the same approach that we took on the previous e.p. with Andy (guitar) in the producers chair. We spent a week laying down the drums in Nott-in-Pill studios, with Martyn ‘Ginge’ Ford (Trivium/BFMV), then bought the audio back to Andy’s Goat Hut studio in London to record the guitars and bass. Duncan laid down the Vocals at Steve Power’s studio in North-West London, and then the whole thing was shipped out to Mike Spreitzer (Devildriver) in LA, with some additional guitar engineering from Mark Lewis (Black Dahlia Murder/Whitechapel) at Audiohammer in Florida.

It’s a pretty slick process as long as you’ve got someone overseeing the whole thing, the advantage of being able to collaborate with people worldwide via the modern communication tools is just phenomenal.


What influences you, both musically and lyrically?
Musically, trying to channel the way that all your favourite bands make you feel the first time you dropped the needle or saw the band hit the stage and went ‘Fuck yeah!!’, that’s the single greatest thing about being a metal fan.

Lyrically, Life. Everything you see, hear or read that invokes a thought or an emotion.


London has some killer metal bands active at the moment? Who do you consider to be your peers?
Absolutely, seems like the UK has started to kick up some major talent in the last year. Bands like Dripback, Meta-Stasis, One Fell Down and Dishonour the Crown are bringing some intense music and fantastic songwriting to the UK scene.
5. Have you had much response from your Bloodstock appearance?
The Download response was fantastic, it was great to see that many people up early on a very cold, very wet Sunday morning for a relatively unknown band. It was an absolute privilege to be playing, and a great feeling of fulfilment of those teenage metalhead dreams. We were also lucky enough be given the stage footage, so we could share the live version of ‘Forsaken’ with everyone who didn’t make it.


What are your plans for the future?
The album is coming out in March and a couple of videos are on their way too, then we should have a long, hopefully hot summer of festivals ahead of us. We’re already working on basic ideas for the next album and hope to have something turned around within the next year.


Anything you’d like to say to Terrorizer readers?
Just stay true to what you believe in, no matter what that is. It’s very easy to get distracted by all the talk online of ‘this sucks’ or ‘that’s just a fad’, but ultimately the connection that you have with the music that you love is what endures, and that’s the only thing that matters.

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