The Mourning After: A mixtape for the United Kingdom’s horrific new right-wing dawn

By on 7 May 2010

As we hurtle towards what looks suspiciously like a Berlusconi-style coalition of the reactionary insane, where our heavily photoshopped aggro-capitalist Tories link arms with Northern Ireland’s gay-hating creationists in the DUP, and scoop up a few other dispirate lunatics from somewhere just to the left of Nick Griffin in order to make up the numbers, it’s difficult to not feel disheartened. Which leads me nicely onto the opening song.

1. Against Me! ‘Ache With Me’

2. Billy Bragg ‘Which Side Are You On?’

3. Amebix ‘Chain Reaction’

4. Riot Squad ‘Fuck The Tories’

5. Extreme Noise Terror ‘Fucked Up System’

6. Napalm Death ‘CS (Conservative Shithead)’

7. The Exploited ‘Maggie You Cunt’

8. Oi Polloi! ‘John Major – Fuck You’

9. Dead Kennedys ‘Kill The Poor’

10. Bad Religion ‘You Are(The Government)’

11. Cock Sparrer ‘England Belongs To Me’

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