Rush – Beyond The Lighted Stage

By on 25 May 2010

Nearly two hours in the celluloid company of true musical greatness.

Last night was a very special night as I hopped down to the Soho Hotel in central London for a press preview of ‘Beyond The Lighted Stage’, the brand new feature length documentary all about the musical gods that are Rush. 107 glorious minutes telling the story of how Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart have become one of the greatest bands ever to grace a turntable, ably supported by a cast of luminaries from Trent Reznor to Gene Simmons gushing sweet soliloquies to these three ordinary guys from Toronto – none of whom are more eloquent and witty as Jack Black, or as madcap and ludicrous as Sebastian Bach.

The film moves along at a refreshing pace, neither passing over events too quickly nor lingering too long on any one point; and there’s plenty of live footage, both old and new, to keep all us fans nodding along continuously like the music geeks we know we are. But of more note is the wealth of previously unseen archive footage and photographs that appear from the band’s earliest days on the high school circuit of the early ‘70s, including early TV spots and parental disputes.

‘Beyond The Lighted Stage’ is an absolute must for anyone with the slightest interest in Rush; but it is also a worthy watch for anyone who loves music, as this a perfect example of how a music documentary should be put together. This is only in the cinemas for one night only on June 7th, so make sure you do not miss out.

Official Website for ‘Beyond The Lighted Stage’

[9.5] Dominic Hemy

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