Orient Excess: Wormrot decimate the UK

By on 5 May 2010

Hard-working grindbastards Wormrot destroyed the tunnel-like second stage at Leeds’ Deathfest this weekend, the limbed detritus that was their audience spilling out into the corridor like the after-effect of a human blastwave. The Singaporean trio are clearly delighted to be here, playing their first ever show on British soil and surrendering any jetlag to burn up, like confetti in a volcano, in the furnace of their furious slam-laden grindcore assault, three parts early Earache crust-worship, one part shrieking powerviolence and two parts brutal death metal meat.

If you don’t catch them on any of the following shows up and down this miserable island, you deserve to be shot in the kneecap and dumped in a canal as an enemy of all things good. Fukpig (who also brutalised Leeds with their dreadfully nihilistic blackened crust/grind assault) vocalist Drunk commented, “After missing ’em at Deathfest, cannot wait for Wormrot next week in Brum. Their ‘Abuse’ LP is one of the best grind albums I’ve heard in ages.”


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