Lautstürmer/Driller Killer veterans pound out their crust punk top five

By on 18 May 2010

Bassist Christ Of Fear, drummer Selle and guitarist Adam know their apples, and by apples we obviously mean the kind of furious, metallic d-beat goodness that makes once floppy mohawks instantly erect and proud.

“Back since the time when Sweden got away so smoothly from World War II,” explains Selle, “the general opinion in this country has been that everything about our political system and our corporations have a higher moral standard than every other, and our mission in the world is to save the poor and blahblah. But all since the ’70s we have had the punk rockers to remind everyone that its all lies. On the other hand, we do have an economy and culture politics which provides kids with lots of rehersal places and instruments and whatever, and that’s one reason there are so many Swedish bands around.”

Thank fuck for that, eh? Having brought the sub-three minute carnage with Driller Killer, the three are now releasing their feral debut with new outfit Lautstürmer through Power It Up, so pick that up when you’re done with this, their essential crust punk top five.

“Not totally sure of exactly what ‘crust’ stands for,” explains Selle. “The meaning of the word has probably also changed over the years. But anyway, we will name some favorites and we take the risk of exposing our ignorance of not knowing the true meaning of crust.”

5. ANTI CIMEX ‘Raped Ass’

Adam: “This is the shit!”

4. ANATOMI 71 ‘Hej, Kom Och Hjälp Mig’

Christ: “When you thought ever other d-beat band in Sweden was boring, this shit just exploded.”


Christ: “Classic brutal and great EP.”

2. UNCURBED ‘Mental Disorder’

Adam: “Blows me away everytime.”

1. TOTALITÄR ‘Sin Egen Motståndare’

Selle: “Great riffing and unusually fine lyrics.”

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