By on 17 August 2010

You probably think you already know everything you need to just from looking at the name; swampy, underproduced, cro-magnon goregrind, yawn-fucking-yawn. That’s fine, that’s what I thought too and the reason I opted to fall asleep with a belly full of Gambrinus rather than watch them at Obscene Extreme, but they’re playing Bloodshed festival October 1-2, at Eindhoven Dynamo in the Netherlands – a Terrorizer-sponsored second chance and I plan on relishing every joyous second of overcoming my ill-informed kneejerk prejudice.

As the name suggests, the Czech Republic’s Malignant Tumour did indeed enter this inglorious orb playing swampy, underproduced, cro-magnon goregrind – that brand of guttural pathology is captured on Selfmadegod’s recently released early material collection ‘And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There…1992-2002’ – but since transformed into the Motörcharged Central European Blood Duster, all gruff goodtime grind ‘n’ roll with an undercurrent of scatalogical perversity. If a slick marketing consultant was on hand, he’d probably suggest they rebrand themselves Malignant Humour, stop wanking into a copy of Viz and go out on tour with Toxic Holocaust.

They, to use a cliché that rarely gets an airing in reference to the eyes-down, po-faced intensity of grindcore, rock, and have a bunch of videos to prove it.

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