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“We’re getting a final mix the day I’m writing this, as a matter of fact,” admits Drugs Of Faith guitarist/vocalist Richard Johnson, also one corner of the bento box of noise that makes up Agoraphobic Nosebleed. “We were concerned with getting the drums captured first, and then we replaced the scratch guitar and bass tracks. We didn’t do any guitar doubling; just one left and one right, and then another for a few leads. We’d get a few songs done that way and then I’d go in the vocal booth, and then back to get a few more guitar/bass tracks done, and so on. Kevin [Bernsten, producer] sent us home with a rough mix for us to scrutinise, and come back with notes of things we want to change. We’re very excited.”

Despite a first demo back in 2002, emphatic North Virginian grind’n’rollers Drugs Of Faith, merging the earnest hammering of Fugazi with the raw, open-wound of Unseen Terror, the recording that Richard is describing represents the first full-length proper from the band, though a self-titled mini-album and a split with venomous Polish grinders Antigama certainly kept the cult alive.

“We think it sounds great,” he continues. “We’re continuing on our path of grind ‘n’ roll. We feel that we’ve been getting better as songwriters all along, and that this recording will reflect that. It’ll have fourteen tracks in total, and be about 27 minutes in length. It’s our first full-length, so we’re feeling the pressure to get it right.”

With no album title as yet and art still being tossed over, Richard has but two concessions to the curious; it’ll be out on Selfmadegod and song-titles include ‘No We Can’t, ‘Foreign Climates’, ‘Greyed Out’ and ‘Corroded’.

“Yes,” he admits, “some [songs] have been around for a few years. A few we just finished a few weeks before recording. We’ve been writing until we had enough for an album, something we’ve been striving for. We wanted a proper length to the record.”

If you can’t bring yourself to wait for these songs to trickle out into the world, Drugs Of Faith will be bringing their riff-laden strut to the second volume of Scott Hull’s awesome ‘This Comp Kills Fascists’.

“The first volume was met with great response,” Richard admits, “and this one has some heavy hitters on it as well. I hope people will like what we’ve contributed. Although we’re not a powerviolence band by any stretch, we feel we’re able to ‘compete’, so to speak, on the compilation.”

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