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A few recent releases from Parasitic Records and Needleteeth.


‘Ritual Necromancy’


On the topic of necromancy: the act of reanimating the dead through magic should not be practiced before seriously considering the consequences of such a ritual. There is an incredible story by the fantasy writer Clark Ashton Smith called ‘Empire Of The Necromancers’ that illustrates this point. However, it is OK to include the term necromancy in a band name because it sounds cool and evil and old. This is the first cassette release from Tim Call’s Parasitic Records and it is fitting, because this tape goes back to the days of early death metal demo tapes. A new band with the old sound. Old like Neanderthals playing on instruments made from human remains. Old like ancient demon wind blowing through a rotting sepulchre. Old like early Autopsy. Old like guys who don’t have state of the art recording studios. Nothing overly dynamic or intellectual but everything shrouded, production included, in a thick blanket of mysterious fog. Step carefully, lest ye fall into an open grave. There are no lyrics available. No myspace. But wait, there is…a blog. Still, these guys are pretty mysterious. They come from a long under produced, horror loving, blood gurgling, doom death lineage. A lineage necessary as antidote to iphone apps, eating well, reporting suspicious activity, and keeping your children safe. Ritual Necromancy ensure the kids stay sick.



‘Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark’


Dishammer are big fans of The Devils Advocates, the motorcycle gang that appeared in several ‘70s biker films, most notably ‘Werewolves On Wheels’. This film is a masterpiece of exploitation cinema. It puts outlaw bikers up against a coven of Satanists. Hope it is not giving too much away to say the bikers never stand a chance. They are cursed to become werewolves. Unlike the Devil’s Advocates, Dishammer would rather become the werewolf than continuing in the typical DA lifestyle: cruising down the road, smoking weed, drinking beer, and scaring cows. This makes for an admirable outlook on rock ‘n’ roll and life in general, especially among frequenters to houses of ill repute. It’s all explained in the thirteen commandments of Dishammer (familiar to some no doubt) a favourite of which is: “sit upon broken glass while you growl and scream.” Ow. Basically it culminates as: live fast and die. This vinyl EP features six tracks of crusty speed pedal to the metal. The front and back cover includes tasteful photos of a voluptuous naked babe. There is also a pullout poster of a skull. Oh yeah, holding the skull is the naked chick. This should be the new standard for album art. No more sombre landscapes K?



‘Shadows Of Past Wars 2002-2008’


Needleteeth is a cool small label in New York City putting out extremely affordable underground releases, featuring a strong contingent of South American bands. One of those bands is Peru’s Crown Of Worms and I confess to never hearing them before this release. There are a lot of details that could be given here about line up shifts (something like four drummers) and other bands the members are involved in (Death Invoker and Erotic Devil Worship). There are also factoids like: Crown Of Thorns only lasted between the dates listed in the title of this compilation and the production varies throughout as tracks are pulled from various demos, rehearsals, and their one and only live performance. But all that really needs to be said is that this is the fierce primitive deaththrash that makes Lima, Peru one of the world’s most potent crucibles for metal. Precise and competent but dirty enough to still be street. Essential for fans of Anal Vomit and Mortem.




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