Terrorizer Grindhouse Wakefield Review – Saturday 2 October 2010!

By on 22 October 2010

Words: Kristi Harrison
Images: Rob Benson Black Earth Photography

Eastern Front
Eastern front are very well received tonight being the only black metal band on the bill but what a great headliner, having played here many moons ago when they first ventured out they played to a very dismal and static crowed, however this is not the case tonight, they have adopted a great mannerism on stage on they are tight as a nuns bits, they’re stage set up is impressive as they use many theatrical props and bard wire ect to create an almost military feel to the show, playing new material from there new album it is whirlwinds galore from the crowd, despite a bit of a delay with the sound check eastern front go down a storm, well worth checking out.


Being new to the snooty the reputation of this band proceeds them, what a great act, they don’t waste any time with they’re sound check and blast through a set of heaviness, combining elements of death metal and meaty thrash they own the stage with they’re presence on stage is professional and entertaining and they finish with a cover of Chaos AD by Sepultura to which the crowd go mental.

Iron Void

Having played the snooty on countless occasions the snooty is no stranger to this ever growing and popular doom/metal act, one cant help but notice the overtones of early venom and celtic frost combining elements of black Sabbath and early maiden they have the locals in a fury and are the first act of the day to really draw attention and they have head bangers at the front showing support with the odd crowd surfer. They mix clean vocals a with gruff harsh metal style, an band well worth seeing again if you get a chance to check them out. The only criticism i could make is that Steve Wilson did suffer technical difficulties early on in the set which looked for one minute that they were going to have to pull they’re set, but all is sorted out quickly and the band finish off to the sound of hailing fans.

End Times

This is doom at its best, having just played at the doomsday festival recently, these guys are the very definition of doom metal who were met with a great , the singers vocals are astounding, they’re sound is very sullen with a bleak apocalyptic dark edge to it, i was well into my fourth pint by now and these guys really got me going, catchy as hell and they have great stage pressance. What a killer band!


I really thought these were a great opening act, they play a good blend of metal in the vein of early Metallica and machine head, thrashing chug fuelled aggression that reminded me of why i got into heavy metal in the first place, I actually like these more than Metallica as Deano the singer and guitarist lashes out riff after nasty riff and they’re drummer makes more than ample use of his small drum kit, however they get off to a ropey start which improves quickly as the settle in as opening act, met with a great reception and being kind enough to contribute to a goody bag we gave away at the end of the night callous are a great act that over time I feel will develop they’re sound and performance.


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