Selected and Dissected: Neurosis – ‘Honor Found In Decay’ track-by-track review: Part 2

By on 13 September 2012


Neurosis’ ‘Honor Found In Decay’ review part two follows, naturally, from last week’s part one.

‘Casting Of The Ages’

This writer has long felt that Mark Lanegan holds a greater influence over Neurosis’ two frontmen than is generally acknowledged. Just idle speculation, but ‘Casting…”s cloudy minor key gloom makes another case for it. The big riff kicks in just after two minutes, of course; at the risk of implying a formula, something like this happens on nearly every song on this album. Kelly has compared this to Sabbath’s ‘Sign Of The Southern Cross’, which is flattering if not wholly unfounded.

‘All Is Found… In Time’

Roeder, previously required to beat a militaristic tattoo or hammer out sparse doom beats, morphs into a many-armed prog titan for this belting song. Neurosis chuck pretty much all their weapons at the castle here – sparse post-rock atmosphere, near-industrial sludge rage, tricksy soloing and Landis’ synthesised weirditude – and it pays off.

‘Raise The Dawn’

According to Von Till, the album closer is technically a Noah Landis solo cut: arranged digitally from rehearsal room samples of Neurosis, plus filched dialogue and, especially, violin that gives ‘Raise The Dawn’ the feel of a heavied-up Dirty Three towards the end. As much as its construction was unusual, most of this’un is pretty standard granite-carved metal. That’s ‘standard’ by Neurosis standards, of course, so use the word advisedly.

‘Honor Found In Decay’ is released October 29 via Neurot

They play ATP: Nightmare Before Christmas at Camber Sands on November 30 – December 1 and London HMV Forum with Godfleshon December 2


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