Album Review: Neurosis – ‘Honor Found In Decay’ track-by-track review: Part 1

By on 7 September 2012

Terrorizer was recently invited to sit in a (very) dark room to hear Neurosis‘ first album in five years, ‘Honor Found In Decay’. We were blown away so much, we felt like we had to treat you to a track-by-track review of the album. Here’s part one.


‘We All Rage In Gold’

“I walk into the water / To wash the blood from my feet”, runs the first couplet. Ain’t a damn thing changed, huh? For its first 150 seconds, this is more orthodox ‘rock’ than we expect from Neurosis: blues-metal riff repetition with a hint of pigfuck, not a country mile from Oxbow. Presently, Noah Landis’ violin takes charge, and is a consistent spectre even as the song crashes to a close.


‘At The Well’

The first of three ten-minute-plus songs, ‘At The Well’ starts inauspiciously, and a little like a Scott Kelly solo joint. It’s only at around 3:15 that the monster awakes, in the form of stately sludge passages. Then come bagpipes – or perhaps guitars which sound like them, a la Big Country – and the arresting image of “smoke from a gaping wound!”


‘My Heart For Deliverance’

Steve Von Till took part in a Hawkwind tribute album recently, and for a while here Neurosis cook up some no-foolin’ spacerock. It can’t last, though, not with a totemic central riff in the locker, and Scott raising hell about souls and mountains and oceans. Take note: 7:33 is the precise moment that will crush skulls live.


‘Bleeding The Pigs’

With nothing resembling a guitar until 1:40, this is Neurosis at their most ritualistic, howl-at-the-moon ambient, Tribes Of Neurot-y. Jason Roeder’s drumming is pushed to the fore; Kelly’s quasi-Tom Waitsian lament glooms up the midsection and the last couple of minutes is electrified by girder-bending psych-metal guitar tone

To be continued…

‘Honor Found In Decay’ is released October 29 via Neurot

They play ATP: Nightmare Before Christmas at Camber Sands on November 30 – December 1 and London HMV Forum with Godfleshon December 2

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