Palehorse ‘Harm Starts Here’ Stream And Album Review

By on 23 July 2013


London filth merchants Palehorse are streaming their new album ‘Harm Starts Here’ with Terrorizer.

‘Harm Starts Here’, the band’s third album, was released on 24 June through Candlelight, but you can stream it in full right here and read Kevin Stewart-Panko’s review of the album from Terrorizer 238 below.

palehorseharmDespite hailing from Drowningman’s school of ‘hilarious wiseassery’ as far as song titles are concerned (cue ‘What’s Wrong With You People’ ‘Don’t Bitch My Shit’), sonically London’s Palehorse are more along the lines of a rubbery chainsaw carving its way through a stack of Godflesh, Beehoover, God, Big Business and Steelpole Bathtub vinyl.  Palehorse have never played by any rules, except the ones they themselves make up as they go along. Example: ‘Five Grown Men (Holding Hands And Staring At The Ocean)’ a song combining Lower East Side noise rock clamour, industrialised vocals, an arrangement with enough swagger for an uncontested late night stroll through Lambeth and what sounds like a wonky fallout shelter siren grinding in the background. Not always the way to go about making friends and influencing people, let alone growing a fanbase. But they don’t care if you don’t care and there’s probably no better philosophy, as it allows them to get away with the noisy-tribal-minimalism riff chants of ‘Full Power Anglo-Gambian Rinseout’. Yeah, that’s right: “nosiy-tribal-minimalistic riff chants.”

You figure it out.


You can find Palehorse on Facebook, and order their new record ‘Harm Starts Here’ from Candlelight Records. You can also stream it below and revel in their bass heavy sludge mayhem instantly!

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