Selected & Dissected: Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Speak Of The Devil’ Reviewed

By on 24 July 2012


‘Speak Of The Devil’

When Ozzy and co. tragically lost Randy Rhoades during the ‘Diary of A Madman Tour’, no one would have blamed them for cancelling their ’82 tour to honour the guitarist. But at Irvine Meadows the seemingly unstoppable Ozzy, with replacement guitarist Brad Gillis, would perform a feat in metal history. Differing from the live album of the same name, ‘Speak of The Devil’ unleashes a blow-by-blow revelation of one of the finest nights in the metal messiah’s up-and-down career. Each song is delivered with bulls-eye precision, with musicianship tighter than Ozzy’s trousers.

Each pounding second delivers an education in metal, whether you’re a novice, or revising the classics. This timeless performance reeks of metal divinity, and anyone with knowledge of an ’80’s Ozzy live show, can tell that this ticks every glorious box. With songs from his solo career, and concluding on three Black Sabbath numbers this is a nice trinket in any metalhead’s DVD collection, regardless of generation.


‘Speak Of The Devil’ is out now on Eagle Rock Entertainment


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