Misfits ‘DEA.D. ALIVE’ album review by Ian Glasper

By on 19 March 2013


First of all, this looks amazing, with Jason Edmiston’s brilliant imagining of Jerry Only as a mummified king of horror punk awakening in his sarcophagus a truly fitting cover image for a live Misfits album recorded in New York City on – when else? – Halloween.

It sounds great too, the band as noisy and raw and relentless on CD as they are in the flesh, which only leaves reservations with the play-time and tracklisting. Featuring only 14 songs and clocking in at just 40 minutes, it’s more than a little tight for a live album, especially as we all know the band would have played for at least twice this long at the actual gig. And of those 14 tracks, there’s nothing older than material off the ‘American Psycho’ album, to avoid copyright issues perhaps, with the majority of the set lifted from the band’s most recent offering, ‘The Devil’s Rain’.

They’re all good songs, no doubt about it, and modern-day staples like ‘Dig Up Her Bones’, ‘Scream!’ and ‘Land Of The Dead’ make welcome appearances, but fans will still feel short changed by the brevity of this release.


‘DEA.D. ALIVE’ is released on Misfits Records.

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