Goldblade ‘The Terror Of Modern Life’ album review by Ian Glasper

By on 14 May 2013


‘The Terror Of Modern Life’ is the sixth album by beloved punk historian John Robb’s Goldblade, and as usual the band aren’t playing it safe, bringing all sorts of weird and wonderful influences to bear on their anthemic punk rock. Even a song like ‘Psycho Takes A Holiday’ which initially seems like street punk by numbers is deliciously tricky with its vocal harmonies and clutch of cheeky solo breaks, whilst ‘The Shaman Are Coming’ just throws the rule book out of the window with its tribal rhythms fused to dreamy discordant choruses. Those pounding rhythms do abound a-plenty, and bring to mind the mighty Killing Joke, but elsewhere Goldblade recall none other than the Sex Pistols themselves (largely thanks to Robb’s sarcastic sneer and the fat guitar tones) with hints of Zounds and the Dead Kennedys thrown in for good measure.

‘Sick/Tired’ is a dead ringer for the UK Subs whilst ‘Serious Business’ channels the spirit of the late Joe Strummer to great effect. But it’s too easy to rattle off a list of bands that Goldblade sound like; as fans of punk rock in all its myriad forms, they wear their colours proudly on their sleeves, so now let’s consider what they don’t sound like, which oddly enough is what you really need to know about ‘The Terror Of Modern Life’.

They don’t sound like a band going through the motions, they don’t sound like a band resting on their laurels, they don’t sound like a band playing the industry game, and they don’t sound like a band that give a toss what people expect them to sound like. And if that’s not punk rock, what is?


‘The Terror Of Modern Life’ is released on 20 May via Overground

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