Deadstar Assembly – Unsaved

By on 12 May 2010



Back in 2006, this Floridian quintet took another giant step and unleashed the darkness of the sunshine state in the form of ‘unsaved’, their second album (but not latest). Fusing Industrial Metal with Gothic imagery and a sense for the dark atmosphere that is created with ‘unsaved’, they have given fans another opus to chew on. More like the American version of Deathstars, they have shredded the mould of Industrial bands and added their own skin and identity. With Dearborn providing the dark lyrics and his band of merry men, Deadstar Assembly have yet to prove that Industrial Metal is not dead, yet more like going through a state of re-generation, watch this space…

For fans of Rammstein, Deathstars, Pain, Static-X and D’espairsRay.

[6] Rhys Stevenson

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