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By on 25 May 2011

What is it about sound engineers? Hey ho, ours arrived very late much to the chagrin of all, to find a building packed with bodies and Rhombus in an understandable dither. However, it came together in the end, kind of. The Dev/Hobgoblin was jammed to the rafters with little room to move.

Pic by Martin Oldgoth

Before the live music kicked off Lenore and Sean, with the lovely Steph behind the camera, got a few words with Devilish Presley (they told us jokes) and Dutch Order (are looking for gigs in village halls) for the first installment of Dominion TV. You can watch us making fools of ourselves on Dominion very soon.

Pic by Cecile Dubuis

The ladies that had run in the Cancer Research Race For Life got themselves a T shirt of their choice from the selection that we had, kindly donated by some of  the most generous and good-natured bands on the scene.

Photo by Dex McHenry

Dutch Order, bless ’em (and thanks for charging up and down the motorway with the drum kit) gave us a treat by doing ‘Shadowplay’ as an encore. This is a band that never do covers as they insist on performing all of their own work, but they were nagged and nagged to do a Joy Division song for our event and since they occasionally tinker with ‘Shadowplay’ during practice sessions, it was unearthed for us tonight. Thanks to them for their contribution to a night full of one-offs.

Pic by Sean Palfrey

Devilish Presley opted for an acoustic set due to the size of  of the stage. They had asked for requests via a Facebook poll and they typically didn’t let anyone down. Devilish Presley excelled themselves and are working hard at keeping the title of the ‘most hard-working band in Britain’.

Pic by Sean Palfrey

Rhombus, after calming down due to the hypertension caused by the missing sound engineer and nursing a very very nervous guest singer, got it all together and morphed into three bands. Simon Satori, Raymon Shah and Andrew Birch joined the band in turn and belted out some of their own songs.

Pic by Sean Palfrey

Martin Oldgoth recieved the Dominion Magazine award for services to goth in the form of a glow stick beautifully decorated with his name, lots of little stars and purple ribbons. Andy Grimly Fiendish Robinson even managed to get Mr Oldgoth to briefly – and it was very brief – wear the thing so he couldn’t lose it.

Pic by Cecile Dubuis

Miranda Yardley kicked ass with her pink hair and her ‘you will do as I say or else’ attitude and did some DJing, bless her. Alcuin and Andy Grimly Fiendish had the ominous task of calling the raffle in aid of S.O.P.H.I.E. Some 20 prizes later, we all kind of flaked out and called it quits. We made £200 so we are really pleased to be sending that to the S.O.P.H.I.E. people.

Dominion would like to offer thanks to everyone that came along – and we’ll be doing a World Goth Day event next year – but also to the bands who dealt with the Scarlet Pimpernel sound guy (we seek him here, we seek him there) problems.

Here a special word of thanks go to all of the bands and individuals who donated stuff to use as raffle prizes. It was over-whelming. Donations ranged from signed posters, DVDs, CDs, gothic acessories, T shirts to badges, you name it.

They are:
The March Violets, Rosie Lugosi, Devilish Presley, Pink Hearse, Dutch Order, Fear Incorporated, Vampyre Heart, Vendemmian, Mephisto Waltz, The Last Cry, Strap On Halo, Attrition, Scary Bitches, Black Moth, Grooving In Green, New Zero God, Imago Mortis and Heather Hayden and Steph McQuaid for her patience regarding all things to do with videoing the event.

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