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By on 26 April 2012

We here at Dominion Magazine not only endevour to bring you the finest written coverage of the ‘schwarze scene‘, but also the very best in photographic evidence as well. Our team of photographers regularly attend live events all over the place with the aim of reporting but also capturing a little of that atmosphere. In the past we have covered gigs, festivals and club nights from the biggest and most established right through to the smallest and newest.

Our reviews and reports only feature a fraction of what we’ve captured though, and we’ve captured a lot! So with that in mind we have created a Flickr group to pool our pictures for your viewing pleasure. You can observe our recent efforts from the likes of Whitby Gothic Weekend, Midlands Goth Festival, Resistanz Festival, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Damned and Laibach’s Manchester gig in the slideshow below or by clicking the badge in the sidebar.

The group is also open to submissions from the public, so if you are a photographer (professional or amateur) who has been to a great event recently and you want to share your snaps with our readers you can submit them. All you need is a Flickr account and then simply join our group. Please remember that the group is moderated, so keep it submissions Dominion related and don’t try to pass anyone else’s work off as your own.

We will keep updating the group, so add it to your favourites or keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for news on uploads. If you can’t see the flash-based slideshow below you can follow the link HERE.



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