Review: Ghost In The Static – ‘Fallout’

By on 22 August 2012


Continuing on from their début foray into dystopian industrial concept albums, Ghost In The Static’s sophomore effort ‘Fallout’ is a big step up for the band. Advancing three years on from the previous album’s storyline the mood of the music is darker and more focussed which comes across in the clearer, albeit more subtle, delivery of Fearon and Co.

The first two tracks ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Fallout’ are a couple of the best moody pieces that set up the rest of the album. However with the third song ‘Another Day’ do we see the pinnacle of the band’s single-writing potential with a big number suited to both the clubs as well as live sing-a-longs. Songs like ‘Lost’, ‘Saviour’, ‘Not Enough’, and ‘Fallen Gods’ carry on this momentum utilising strong rhythms and restrained but very effective use of synthesizers which gives the distorted guitars more room to breathe.
In terms of the mix and production the band have got it more or less spot on with only one or two instances where the vocals sound a little too low and the guitars swamp the synthesizers. But best of all the production process has preserved the sense of performance from the band in particular in the vocals and drums.

This is a very strong offering from Ghost In The Static that just goes to show how a band can seriously raise their game in a short space of time. The band has also miraculously avoided sounding too industrial or too rock, which should see them be able to capitalise on a crossover audience on the back of this.



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