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By on 18 March 2011

Apart from it chucking down with rain today, all is well at Dominion Towers. We’re looking forward to the start of the festival season, Obviously Whitby is nearly upon us, Resistanz in Sheffield is at the beginning of April, May is looking busy with Dark Waters in Nottingham, our World Goth Day Dominion Magazine Show at The Hobgoblin/Dev and Gotham XII. We’ll be covering all of these, and others.

This week Combichrist, supported by Mortiis, announced their  Monsters On Tour dates. Our man-in-the-know will be lurking around a gig or two and reporting back. Read the dates HERE

Dark Side Of The Lune and The Zombie Club both announced various changes to names and venues, read about some of the coolest clubs run by the most dedicated of people HERE

Baz chose Trash Monroe, fronted by Melany Dantes as his Band Of The Week – a popular choice. I have a family member who either stands with his jaw somewhere near his knees whenever he sees Melany – or vocally  turns into a ‘bloke’. The former when sober, the latter when the drink has hit his genes. Read about Trash Monroe HERE

Lenore turned her thoughts to books and films, firstly with Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ HERE and ‘Sucker Punch’, a film with five hot girls and lots of leaping around with Samurai swords HERE

We were luckily enough to speak to Raziel Panic of You Shriek, they’ve announced the release date of their new album ‘Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)’ – and it’s a very fine piece of work. We’re doing a feature on them comparing their older work with their newer material and that will be on this site in the next week or so. The current feature that we have has loads of videos and some free downloads so have a listen and a little download to yourself HERE

(please note: There is currently a bug in Chrome with the Flash Player, some videos using Flash will be un-viewable to Chrome users until the bug is fixed).

Sean Palfrey has got hold of Rozz Williams’ experimental music that goes under the title of ‘Premature Ejaculation’ Pts 1 & 2, the pictures are a little errrr ‘disturbing’ so keep the kids away. Read it HERE.

Sean also told us about Suicide Commando’s Johan Van Roy who has released ‘World Wide Electronics’, a compilation album of the best within the harsh electronics scene.  HERE

Collectif Clothing are offering Dominion readers a special 20% off discount at their tills, get the low-down HERE

Nosferatu released ‘Wonderland’, Michael Wilson’s review is HERE

Finally, Thomas Thyssen of Pagan Love Songs very kindly talked to Dominion about his long career within the scene.  Grab a cuppa (it’s a longer piece), sit down and read all about the man who martin oldgoth describes as a ‘legend’. HERE

In the next few days and weeks we shall have interviews with The Hiram Key, Strap On Halo and Balaam & The Angel, we’ll be featuring news from Whitby, and getting the inside leg measurement of a Greek goth rock band called New Zero God, interesting because the band include ex members of Flowers of Romance and Nexus, plus loads more.

World Goth Day Dominion Show Event HERE – we’d love to see you there. We don’t bite!







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