Dominion Magazine’s Weekly Round-Up

By on 19 August 2011

This week at Dominion Magazine saw the odd news that The Munsters are getting a re-make, none of us are sure that this is a good idea – it could be heaven or it could be hell – who knows.

Lenore got hold of ‘Starblood‘ by Carmilla Voiez and gave it a read, see what she thought HERE and Sean interviewed Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor and Peter Spilles of  Project Pitchfork.

Our reviews this week were of Merciful Nuns ‘Infinite Visions’ DVD and CD and their EP ‘Ancient Astronauts‘, Last July‘s single ‘Glamorous Parasite’ and Raymond John Ross’s (Ankst) EP ‘Epitaph’.

Events to go to soon are Young, Twisted and Black with Black Light Ascension and Terminal Gods playing,  Destroy The Silence on August 28th and on Wednesday 24th it’s Hug A Goth Day and an ongoing event is a preview of new stuff from Department S.

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