Album Review: The Beauty of Gemina “Iscariot Blues”

By on 15 February 2012

The Beauty of Gemina
“Iscariot Blues”
Danse Macabre

It’s hard to believe this is The Beauty Of Gemina‘s fourth full release. Having set themselves a high bar with 2010’s “At the End of the Sea”, “Iscariot Blues” is a mature collection of ten beautifully crafted, pretty songs that sets a new quality mark. Sounding psychedelically bluesey retro, the performance of this strong material is tight yet airy and does justice to the supreme quality of the songwriting: Michael Sele’s voice delivers his sometimes abstract message with the dark finesse of a fine, oaky red wine and there is much in this release to recommend to lovers of both old and newer forms of dark music. With imaginative marketing this band’s appeal could palpably be much, much wider. Stunning.



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