Review: Virtual Terrorist – ‘Cyber Punks Unite’

By on 26 July 2012

‘Cyber Punks Unite’

Siborg, better known as one half of iVardensphere, is already a well-established musician in the ebm/industrial scene, but under his Virtual Terrorist moniker the gloves come off. With two demos and a free EP under his belt the buzz has slowly spread out from his native Cannada. Now, hot on the heels of the recent single ‘Welcome To Cryodyne’, comes Virtual Terrorist’s début full-length album ‘Cyber Punks Unite’.

Virtual Terrorist’s sound is an incendiary blend of industrial and ebm full of hard, rapid beats and abrasive synths that, despite the aggressiveness, are still ultimately dance floor compatible. A formula which is probably best summed up on tracks like ‘Audio Jihad’, ‘Scrap Metal Suicide’, ‘Brothers Of Destruktion’, ‘Secz Interface’, ‘The Gridwalkers’ and ‘Numb’.
The heavy use of samples gives the already dark tracks more sinister edges as the whole album unfolds like the dark side of the internet. As a result this is one of the very few albums affiliating itself with the Cyberpunk genre that actually fits in with it comfortably from a thematic perspective.
What would be more interesting to hear though would be the use of more guest vocalists. There are two appearances to note courtesy of Xero and Psykkle already, and they give the songs a fuller, more complete sound that could easily translate to a couple more songs.

In terms of production, despite the gritty and noisy edge to the Virtual Terrorist sound, the mix is clear and every element is discernible in the chaos which makes it a good album to sit and listen to as well as one to dance to. 
For a début that has been self-released this is one impressive effort. The song writing and final execution of the album are beyond reproach and fans of gritty, dancable industrial will no doubt find this a must have.



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