Review: Various Artists – ‘Moving Mountains’ & ‘Calming Cyclones’

By on 18 October 2012

‘Moving Mountains’ / ‘Calming Cyclones’

The digital compilation has been well and truly the domain of small and predominantly net-based labels in recent years. What is more unusual is to see a PR company put out a compilation of the artists they represent, but this is just what Juggernaut Services have done.

In the first two titles of a series of compilations, ‘Moving Mountains’ and ‘Calming Cyclones’ each display a selection of the Industrial/EBM/Synthpop acts currently on their books that includes some promising up-and-coming acts along side more established ones.

The first compilation, ‘Moving Mountains’, starts at the noisier end of the Juggernaut talent pool. Among the strongest selections from the track list are UK upstarts Cease2xist offer up two great tracks from their latest album in the forms of ‘Teenage America’ and ‘Tonight’, while the USA’s nolongerhuman give us the excellent ‘One For You, One For Me’ and ‘Transcend Humanity’. Other notable songs such as ‘Halloween’ from Controlled Collapse, ‘Zombie Attack Plan’ by Eschaton Hive, and ‘Zu Allen’ by Plastic Noose make this a no-brainer for those on the look out for new and exciting acts.

The second compilation, ‘Calming Cyclones’, on the other hand moves in to poppier waters. With international dance floor-packing act XP8 at the helm with the songs ‘Burning Down’ and ‘Trip’ it immediately sounds strong from the off, while relative newcomer MiXE1 attempts to steal the show with ‘Breathe’ and ‘This Is Not Goodbye’. Other notable songs like ‘Necrotech’ by Pittersplatter, ‘Heart Of Dust’ by Cortex Defect and ‘City Of Nodes’ by Psykkle will no doubt be enough to pique a lot of people’s interest.

As a compilation from a variety of acts with different budgets the production and mixing across the songs does vary, sometimes dramatically. However these are not commercial compilations, more of a mission statement and a damn good one at that.



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