Review: Uberbyte – ‘Five Year Plan’

By on 12 September 2012

‘Five Year Plan’

Since 2007 Sheffield’s Uberbyte have been waging a war on industrial, relentlessly battering fans with big beats and catchy tunes. Now with their fifth album ‘Five Year Plan’, and their first on new label Vendetta Music, the band have struck out like never before to confound expectations and keep redefining what Uberbyte is about.

Uberbyte have never been a band to be rigidly formulaic, but even by their standards there is a hell of a lot going on here. The music flits between the band’s trademarked stomping hardcore-techno that has served them so well in the past, and into more melodic waters featuring some altogether more poppier leanings.

It’s a combination that works very well as demonstrated on songs like ‘Archetype’, ‘Summer’, ‘Come Undone’ and ‘Unified’ utilising elements of electro, futurepop and ebm to great advantage. The likes of ‘Sheffield’s Finest’, ‘We Like The Bass’, ‘The Serpent And The Cove’, ‘Get Thee Behind Me’ and ‘Free (To Do As We Tell You)’, on the other hand, provide the listener with a fix of the dance floor orientated hardcore-industrial style that have won many over to the band.
One of the biggest upsides to this expanding repertoire is the range of vocals from Richard Pyne who gives one of the best performances of his career.
Even in terms of production there is nothing at fault here. The sounds are crystal clear and every note and beat just seems to fall right into the mix as it should.

What Uberbyte have created is a real game-changer for them that should quite rightly elevate them beyond genre conventions and into a class of their own. It will be exciting to see where the band can go from here.



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