Review: The Machine in The Garden – ‘Before and After The Storm

By on 7 July 2011

‘Before and After The Storm’

‘Before and After The Storm’, the eighth studio album from Texas duo The Machine in The Garden, continues the now familiar exploration of technological advancement and the progressive relationship between the mechanical, natural and spiritual worlds. Creating a distinctive blend of ethereal darkwave each song unfolds layers of sweeping electronic soundscapes, soaring guitars and Summer Bowman’s ethereal melodies, all laced together with tribal-esque rhythms.

‘Cimmerian’ opens with a strong war-dance like beating of the drum, in an almost sublime nod to the Cimarron perhaps, developing an anthemic blend of rousing guitar riffs and melancholy through Bowman’s dazzling vocals. In contrast, ‘Metallic’ has a very gritty, Industrial feel with electronic representations of foundry-like sounds from the heart of the industrial age. ‘Power and Prophecy’ provides a more edgy, post-punk aspect that leads you into the beautiful, meandering waves of ‘Mending The Sky’. With remixes of ‘Scathefire’ and ‘Mending The Sky’ as well as ‘Cimmerian’ (reprise) also included, the album is packed with atmospheric, sensuous rhythms throughout. It is a dynamic journey of well-constructed arrangements, seamless theatrics that both inspire and are at times, introspective in delivery.

The passion and diversity in the band’s writing is clear, and as concise as the influences that have shaped and moulded the music throughout the previous releases and yet, it further pushes the boundaries of ethereal darkwave, evolving and exploring all aspects of electronic music.



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