Review: The Fall – ’40c EP’

By on 25 July 2012

’40c EP’

The Fall is a side project from Neil Gaeggeler of Shapermusic, who Nine Inch Nails fans may remember as the group behind the Year Zero fan site “I Am Still Trying To“. And after a two-year incubation period comes the project’s first offering in the form of ’40c EP’.

The album, from its visuals to its compositional style, is still heavily influenced by Nine Inch Nails, but this is by no means a clone band. Instead Gaeggeler draws upon the softer sounds of NIN and filters them through a lo-fi, 8-bit style to create something rather interesting.
The EP is comprised of several instrumental songs and as such is easily susceptible to sounding like an old video game soundtrack rather than a more legitimate project. Fortunately though Gaeggeler doesn’t fall into the trap. Though he veers dangerously close his penchant for atmospherics keeps the more stereotypical elements as a crunchier counterpoint to the more predominant ambience.
It is a pretty tough balance to maintain when you’re working lo-fi and with no vocals or other instruments to add more layers, but it works with songs like ‘Dawn’, ‘Belief’, ‘Desensitized, Lost’ and ‘Dusk’ really pushing the boundaries of what the project is capable of.

Despite the outdated sounds, the EP has a nice fresh feel to it and doesn’t suffer in terms of production which is quite a pleasant surprise. Instead it is a quirky but entirely enjoyable take on ambient electro that might not be to everyone’s tastes, but will no doubt find an audience.



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