Review: T.D.D. – ‘Crying Planet’

By on 11 July 2012

‘Crying Planet’

‘Crying Planet’ by T.D.D AKA The Demon Dances, AKA Dirk Loosen is one of those freak albums that seem to just materialize out of thin air but make a strong first impression. Started in 2009 as a solo project ‘Crying Planet’ is T.D.D.’s first full length offering and is defiantly out to make an impression.

Fusing progressive techno with heavily danceable beats, the songs swirl and ensnare the listener while the driving beats maintain a high degree of club potential. The use of long disjointed vocal samples is quite a nice touch too that harks back to industrial bands of the 1980’s such as Laibach, though this is a lot less dissonant.
Songs like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Abyss’, ‘Planet Of Dreams’ and ‘The Dark Zone’ are the strongest cuts from the album though, leaning more towards industrial soundscapes and dark ambient atmospheres to really set them apart.
Despite the album’s short track list the songs are quite long, with most approaching the ten minute mark. Usually this can leave the songs feeling quite drawn out and repetitive, but Loosen has avoided this quite well by keeping the elements of the songs in constant evolution. Even in terms of production this album sounds pretty good. The tones are warm and analogue giving the songs cinematic qualities, while the layering is quite light which in turn makes the songs very easy to follow.

This is a very strong first step for a project that could quite easily follow loftier ambitions. Even with a short list of songs this feels like a complete album, so the additional remixes of ‘The Demon Dances’ feel quite superfluous, but they do hold their own.



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