Review: Sutcliffe Jugend ‘With Extreme Prejudice’ ‘Blue Rabbit’

By on 10 May 2012


‘With Extreme Prejudice’


‘Blue Rabbit’


While Sutcliffe Jugend’s previous Cold Spring release, 2008’s ‘Pigdaddy’, sounded like it was the result of the combined output of electrodes inserted into the brains and anus of a trailer park redneck collecting his thoughts and blunt torture instruments after having his mangled way with some boys in the hood, it further cemented SJ’s “even more horrid than Whitehouse” cult status. However, ‘With Extreme Prejudice’ [3] takes a more traditionally industrial sound and a more restrained, creepy approach to twisted muck-dripping menace. Alas, songs like ‘Lucky’ fail to impress not only ‘cos we’ve heard Whitehouse and TG do it, but because in an age of pre-teens downloading ‘The Human Centipede’, this niche art form is now not transgressive but anachronistic and no wonder even Whitehouse have veered away to side-projects like Cut Hands. ‘Blue Rabbit’ [4] is a more significant step forward, or sideways, as its menacing, peculiar ambiance resembles true outsider heroes like Forms Of Things Unknown, at times reminiscent of giants like Coil.


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