Review: Sinsect – ‘A Broken Hero’

By on 10 October 2012

‘A Broken Hero’

Sinsect really is a project that explores every aspect of the darkside of electronic music. Predominantly rhythm orientated, James Ashley has turned his hands to idm, power-noise, ebm, drum and bass, dark ambient to craft an interesting sound that is just as club friendly as it is uncompromisingly confrontational.

Al through the new album ‘A Broken Hero’, Ashley flits back and forth between aggressive noise, moody soundscapes and infectious dance beats with ease and often within the same song. On paper this is admirable form, but in reality it can go horribly wrong for a lot of bands. Thankfully though this isn’t an issue here as the songs have been arranged and mixed to flow into one another and not give a fractious and disjointed sound. With songs like ‘Bubblegum & Boots’, ‘Broken Heroes’ and ‘In All Fairness’ with their dance beats, melodic synths and shout-a-long vocal samples sitting comfortably beside more intense sonic artistry such as ‘Losing Focus’ and ‘Losing Hope’.
In terms of production, it is a hard one to judge as most bands with more than a smattering of noise influences have a tendency to get very experimental behind the desk. But with acts like W.A.S.T.E. in the back of one’s mind this stands up strongly as a well balanced mix of rhythms and atmospheres.

This is a rather compelling album that even those who tend to veer away from more noise orientated artists should still find attractive. With strong dance floor offerings and an intelligent and, dare I say, elegant method of execution, Sinsect should be on to a real winner with ‘A Broken Hero’



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