Review: Seventh Harmonic – ‘Garden Of Dilmun’

By on 18 May 2011

Seventh Harmonic
‘Garden Of Dilmun’
Out Of Line

The ethno-symphonic style of the all female Seventh Harmonic should have wide appeal for fans of not only neo-classical and ambient music but also those of symphonic metal acts like Within Temptation and Nightwish. But unlike your average symphonic band the tribal drumming, ambient electronica and flirtations with classical strings gives the album so much more depth. Throw in the Celtic infused vocals of Arcana’s Ann-Mari and three concepts revolving around “the muses, the wheel of the year, and the seasons of the heart” and you have some deep listening to do.

The songs have been composed with an exceptional attention to detail and the production preserves the ethereal quality of the subject matter. In a few places the use of keyboards instead of live strings is glaringly obvious, however this isn’t a big issue as the strength of the melodies in songs like ‘Aoide’, ‘Eostre’, ‘Litha’ and ‘Samhain’ are absolutely compelling to listen to.

To idly dismiss Seventh Harmonic as a mere neo-classical band or ethereal folk really doesn’t do them justice. There is an attention to detail and conviction in the song writing that sets them apart from the crowd. The only place for Seventh Harmonic to go now is to collaborate with a full orchestra.


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