Review: Prosymna – Broken Waters Of Mykines

By on 23 August 2012



Even to a listener who after decades of revelling in dark music of many flavours blooming like black roses in the Devil’s garden, the atmosophere Prosymna conjures forth from the speakers in the intro is still downright sinister. Coming from a label known for its tremendous level of activity within witch house, ‘Broken Waters Of Mykines’ is a bit of a turn to traditional darkwave. Not a complete turn, mind. It is easy enough to hear why this is released by Phantasma Disques.

The forboding sonic language of Prosymna is not all that is on offer here. Songcraft is in abundant evidence. Singer Emi’s voice is given prominence on each song, with Wave Inside’s arrangements supporting and creating the perfect space in which she can weave her spells.

When Wave Inside steps up to the microphone on ‘Caged Dreams’ he brings a new edge with his baritone rasp, and the combination of their two voices at then end is something Prosymna might want to explore further in the future. The nearly ten minute track ‘Ascend’ distills the Prosymna experience into a trip if transcendence that holds the listener’s attention from beginning to end. There’s an almost Jean Michele Jarre quality to the synth arrangements, nary a sawtooth wave to be heard. Songs are immaculately and subtly arranged, given no more and no less than they need.

The tastemaker formerly known as Gucci Goth (now BlackBlackGold) is known to assert that “fake goth is the real goth”. Well… Could, be, could be. When something coming from the witch house milieu is this gothic, and even dare we say this goth, is a convergence in the making? It’s within the goth scene one finds most discussion of w(h)ither goth, but Prosymna do not seem to be worried about such existential distractions. Now, if the snake turns back to chaw its goffik tail, does it lose its pastel authenticity? It doesn’t matter. The real Prosymna is the real Prosymna.


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