Single Review : Cold In Berlin ‘And The Darkness Bangs’

By on 22 February 2012

‘And The Darkness Bangs’ (Single)

Punk goth rockers Cold In Berlin are poised to release their new single ‘And The Darkness Bangs’ which follows the success of their astounding 2010 debut album ‘Give Me Walls’. The band’s music, in the past, has been likened to being ‘smacked in the face with a Mudhoney record by Siouxsie Sioux’. With knife-edged guitar riffs, sharpened at every turn, set against a whirlwind of apocalyptic driving beats, they elaborately wrap around Maya’s powerful, explosively volatile howls, lifting you high, then spinning you around with all the punk sensibilities expected from a Cold In Berlin release.

Included in this three-track single, along with ‘And The Darkness Bangs’, is ‘The Lie’ together with a ‘Heretics Remix’ of the title track and while the differences between the single version and the remix are deliberate, the remix introduces a subtle but decisively effective EBM/dark electro feel, adding a much dancier dimension to the mix. ‘The Lie’, on the other hand, with it’s more demanding immediacy, develops a deep penetrating sexuality, vibrant in it’s own aggressive rivalry.

‘And The Darkness Bangs’ is due to be released on March 5th and will surely delight fans of the genre.


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