Review: Nolongerhuman – ‘Depersonalisation’

By on 14 March 2012


The harsh ebm market might be oversaturated these days but at least it is becoming easier to separate the generic from the innovative. Three years on from début offering ‘Antipathy‘, Nolongerhuman returns with an album that looks set to solidify his impact on the scene.

On the surface the synth sounds, distorted vocals and dance-friendly beats may be the genre standards, but the use of melodic intros used throughout adds a nice twist to things. But look deeper than that and you’re presented with an album that doesn’t rely on the typical violent and sexual subject matter of much of the contemporary genre. Instead themes around politics, loss and even social commentary are presented in their wake which gives the easy to absorb style a lot more gravity.
Songs like ‘Insect Politics’, ‘Reap What You Sew’ and ‘Don’t Pray’ provide the easier dance floor moments on the album yet it is the final three songs where the album reaches its true potential. The slower macabre styles of ‘Orthodox’, ‘Abandonment’ and ‘Use Your Abuse’ round things off in harrowing fashion.

At a mere ten songs ‘Depersonalisation’ doesn’t outstay its welcome, nor does it succumb to the temptation of tacking on a bunch of remixes for the sake of it, which in itself is quite refreshing. But add on the serious and weighty subject matter of the songs and it’s length is something of a relief. What you’re left with is an album with something to say, and it is one that says it pretty well too.



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